A love letter to your mother, an unforgettable special mother’s day gift

We already know that on special days we should go to stores to buy gifts for the special one. Be it Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or even Christmas, we have all fallen more than once in material gifts without realizing that, sometimes, it is better to have a more personalized detail such as a love letter. Expressing your feelings through writing is not easy and we know that. But do not doubt that a letter is the most special way to remind someone how much you love them. What if as a special mother’s day gift, you give a letter to your mother? Surely, when she reads it, she cannot contain the emotion.

Mothers have taken care of us since they were very little, they have given us all of them, they have taught us to be the people that we are today and above all, they have loved us above all else. If you want to have a special detail with your mother, do not hesitate and write a love letter, an unforgettable special mother’s day gift.

Tips for writing a letter to your mother as a special mother’s day gift

 special mother's day gift

Before starting to take pencil and paper and express what you feel, you better read all these tips carefully. Thanks to them, you can have as a result a nice letter that will remain for posterity:

How to start writing a letter for Mother’s Day?

  • Find the time to start writing. It is not worth that you are writing words as they come to your head in the notes of your mobile. Wait to be calm at home and find the perfect time with nothing to do.
  • Think very well what you are going to say to your mother with the letter. Keep in mind the structure of it, because it cannot be a mixture of memories without a thread, do not you think?
  • Make a draft first and then pass the letter to clean. It is better to do with a nice paper and even with an envelope with a set of those that sell in the stationery. You do not want to give your mother a paper full of studs, right?
  • Think of your mother when you write the letter. Remember every moment that you have lived with her, every place you have been together or every feeling that you have to know that she is with you.
  • Write a list of things for which you have to thank your mother. This can even be a great idea to put the list as it is in your letter.
  • If you are a rather reserved person, leave the shame aside and forget about everything else. It’s about expressing all your feelings and even if you think it’s not going to help, let us tell you that you’re wrong: your mother will love it.
  • Do not send the letter to your mother over the phone, or WhatsApp or upload to social networks. A letter is something so intimate that it is better that it be between you and your mother as if it were a nice secret between the two of you.
  • Think very well at the time of delivering the letter. You can send it to your house if you live far away or even put it yourself in the mailbox if you live with it. The case is to be pleasantly surprised when you see it, without waiting for it.
  • Although we’re going to give you four card models, surely you can base yourself on one of them and write your own letter. But, if you cannot think of any idea, we recommend that the following models choose the one that best suits you and the life with your mother.

Letter to your mother model 1: Letter full of memories for your mother

 special mother's day gift

Dear Mama:

This year my special mother’s day gift is this love letter. I know you well and I know that you will do more illusion than a necklace or a perfume bought at the last minute. I also know that this letter will last longer than any other gift, because this letter will keep it forever engraved in your heart. It’s been a while since you deserved a gift like this.

Because in this letter I want to write to you that I love you and that I would not have achieved it without you. Go from that shy child who listened to your children’s stories to an adult with principles and values, with doubts and fears, with successes and mistakes, but always with that smile, you taught me to wear. I still remember the day you convinced me to change my tears for smiles because that way I would protect myself.

I followed your advice, Mom, as I have followed so many other tips that you have given me. And now I am grateful for all the time you dedicated. Those stolen hours at dinner to help me do homework and those Saturday mornings when you left everything to take me to buy an ice cream. It was magical moments that you gave me during childhood.

These are the moments that I will always keep in my memory to be able to maintain, even in the worst moments, the smile you asked me for. But I want you to know one thing, Mom, I still need more magical moments, like those from childhood. I still need you more strongly than ever, because now I am big, but I have not stopped needing you.

I love you mom.

Letter to your mother model 2: Thank you letter


You know I have a hard time expressing my feelings, and I do not do it as often as I would like. But I want you to know that for me you are the most important woman in the world. Thanks to you I am the girl that I have become, and thanks to your advice I have been able to get ahead without any problem. And I owe all that to you, mom.

On this special Mother’s Day, I do not want to give you any special mother’s day gift because I already know that you do not like that we spend the money on it. But it occurred to me to give you something else that I know you’re going to like: words. My words are dedicated to you, mom, to tell you everything I’ve never told you.

I am sorry because, many times, I have behaved badly and I have ignored you. We have fought, we have argued, but you have never let go of my hand. And I cannot think of a better way to return everything you’ve done for me than with a nice letter in which I thank you because:

  • Thank you for giving me life
  • Thank you for being like you are with me
  • Thanks for supporting me in all my dreams, no matter how crazy they are
  • Thank you for taking care of me with all your soul
  • Thank you for loving me more than yourself
  • Thank you for having taught me to live
  • Thank you for being the kindest woman I know
  • Thanks for the hours with me when I needed it the most
  • Thank you for not separating from me when I did not understand myself
  • Thanks for drying my tears
  • Thank you for sharing my laughs
  • Thank you for putting up with my complaints
  • Thank you for showing me that a mother’s love is the purest and most sincere
  • Thank you for teaching me to multiply, to add, to read, to write … For being my teacher
  • Thank you for being my psychologist in the bad times
  • Thanks for being my doctor when I got sick
  • Thank you for giving me a smile when you knew I was having a bad time
  • Thank you for the rides we have taken
  • Thank you for giving me the strength to know that I can do everything
  • Thank you for becoming my example to follow

And above all, thank you for being my mother. Because although the years pass, although we distance ourselves, although we live far away, although the age weighs … Always, always, I will always love you with all my being.

Thanks Mom!

Letter to your mother model 3: The most beautiful feelings in a letter

 special mother's day gift

Hi Mom:

Although you already know how much I love you, I just wanted you to have a special mother’s day gift. I think I never show you enough everything I feel for you, so I could not think of a better way to start writing lines that I know will make you more excited than anything.

First of all, I want you to know that you are much more than my mother: my partner, my best friend, my confidant. With you, It has been happy moments and although many have not been as we expected, we have always managed to come out graceful and with a smile of all the problems.

Mom, I’ll never forget the afternoons after going to school when we went to the park together and you taught me lots of things. Nor will I forget when you helped me do homework, those duties that sometimes crossed me and I had a hard time finishing them, remember?

Then came adolescence and with it the most rebellious face of my life. I know that at that time we argued often, that we did not understand each other and that you suffered for it. And that’s why I want to apologize because I was a fool to not listen to you on many occasions … But then I grew up, and you helped me with everything again. Loves, studies, living away from home and endless experiences that without you, believe me, would not have been the same.

So after remembering all this I just want to tell you that we still have many moments to live. That for me you are a hero who has managed to pull forward in spite of adversity, that there is no woman stronger than you and that I give thanks to life for having made me the best mother in the world.

Never forget everything I love you because I will never do it. You will always have me by your side, whatever happens, and I will always be there to take care of you, help you and teach you. Because yes, now it’s my turn to give back everything you’ve given me.

I love you mom.

I love you!

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