Philanthropy in Business

There are several reasons to engage in philanthropy within your business. These include: Connecting with communities, improving company culture, and creating social and economic value. Here are a few of them. You might even consider starting a corporate giving program for your business. It’s a great way to build employee loyalty and boost morale. In

Social impact of smoking and sexuality has a fatal combination

Smoking and sexuality have a fatal combination and social impact of smoking is broad and hard to describe. Tobacco increases the risk of miscarriage and affects the sexual potency of them … Although for many throughout history the cigarette has worked as a tool of seduction, which catches many young people and is conceived as

3 foods rich in tryptophan

The chemical state of our brain, determined in large part by the release of neurotransmitters, directly affects our mood. These substances are directly responsible for maintaining the correct functioning of our mind and can be the key to improve our feelings, attitudes and fight diseases, such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, today we bring you