Anger Management Classes: One Step to Recovery

You may feel annoyed about having to go to court ordered anger management classes. However, you have been given an opportunity to work on your behaviors that have gotten you into trouble. If you commit the offense again, the court will likely hand down harsher penalties.

Anger Management Classes

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What to Expect From Classes

Anger management classes focus on emotion regulation and self-soothing skills. Many use techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy that teach you to change your thinking. Most situations can be approached from new perspectives. For example, you may have a tendency to assume that others have bad intentions.

Classes are usually conducted in an educational group format. You learn from role-plays and listening to your classmates. In some cases, you may need individual therapy to explore past issues that contribute to your behavior. However, individual therapy costs more than group treatment.

Calming strategies include meditation, listening to music, and breathing techniques. You need to find the method that works best for you.

Get the Most From Classes

Successful anger management requires taking responsibility for your behavior. While it is okay to have feelings, it is not always productive to act on emotions. If you make the commitment to pause before you take action, you will reduce impulsive behaviors. Ultimately, you will hurt yourself and other people less.

Do your homework and practice your skills in between sessions. It takes time and repetition to change habits. Take the time to reflect on the harm that you have done to yourself and others, as a way of motivating yourself to change. Talk with your family and friends about what they have experienced. You may not be aware of the full impact that you have had on other people.

Court ordered classes may feel like an imposition. However, you can approach your situation with a good attitude and seize the opportunity to learn.

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