Safeguarding Your Business: The Benefits of Choosing a Reputable Provider for Basic DBS Checks

Protecting vulnerable people is at the heart of what DBS checks do. By revealing their criminal convictions, they prevent unsuitable candidates from working with children or vulnerable adults. The Disclosure and Barring Service arranges DBS checks and includes details of all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, and reprimands. Specific roles, such as those in education and healthcare, require an enhanced check.


Many people will have heard of DBS checks and be familiar with the concept. However, many – especially those not in positions of responsibility – may not understand just how vital these checks are. A DBS check examines an individual’s criminal history, revealing unspent convictions and cautions. It also provides details of any bans on employment imposed by the police. It cannot reveal information from overseas criminal records, only those convicted or cautioned within the UK. Vetting and checking new staff should be taken seriously, especially for businesses and organizations with legal obligations. Choosing a reliable provider for DBS checks can reduce the burden on recruiters and business managers by providing them with the tools and support they need to follow legal regulations. When looking for a reputable provider to apply for basic DBS checks for you, looking for reviews and testimonials from existing clients is essential. Please pay particular attention to their speed, accuracy, and customer service feedback. A good DBS provider will also provide a comprehensive management system that allows you to easily track the status of applications, filter information, and manage the process from start to finish. This will help you stay on top of your responsibilities and ensure that your recruitment and vetting procedures are carried out correctly.

Value for Money

DBS checks are necessary for safe staffing for health and social care. They ensure that your staff or volunteers don’t have anything relating to them on their record and that they don’t belong on the Barred Lists. You are responsible for checking that a person’s DBS certificate is current before they start working for you. This can be done using the online DBS Update Service or by checking their physical documents against photocopies or online copies. You can change this to the person being checked or cover the cost as a responsible organization if you carry out more than 100 checks yearly. You can also pay for a higher level of enhanced check or a check against the Barred Lists, which are more detailed. When choosing a DBS check provider, ensure you get value for money. A reputable DBS provider should offer an efficient service, allowing you to track the progress of each application online. It should also have a helpdesk and be able to answer questions from applicants and provide support. In addition, they should be able to sign countersignatories on your behalf and process applications quickly and efficiently. They should not charge excessively for this service either.

Customer Service

DBS checks are a vital part of protecting vulnerable groups. It’s illegal to employ anyone who has been barred from working with children or vulnerable adults, and it’s up to organizations to ensure that they are only hiring people with the right to do so. The right approach to DBS checks goes beyond simply fulfilling a legal requirement or a contractual obligation and can demonstrate that you care about your staff and the people you serve.

You need a reliable DBS provider to take the pressure off your organization and provide exceptional service. Look for a company that can offer you a dedicated helpdesk, providing phone or email support and allowing you to keep track of all applications with Management Reports. A good DBS provider will also have extensive experience processing DBS checks and understand the legislation governing them. They should advise you on which type of check is required for a role and will be able to process the application quickly and accurately. They can also support you with any queries regarding the DBS checking process, such as whether a particular conviction or caution is relevant to the role and whether a check can still be carried out.


DBS checks are an essential tool for safeguarding vulnerable people. They help prevent unsuitable candidates from being recruited into roles where they may come into contact with vulnerable adults or children by revealing any convictions or barring information that could compromise the safety of those groups. DBS Checks are also a crucial part of the recruitment process for many businesses. It is against the law to employ anyone who has been barred from working with children or vulnerable adults, so ensuring that all your employees have completed a DBS check ensures that your business meets its legal obligations. Using a reputable DBS provider to handle basic DBS checks can streamline the process. Rather than meeting with candidates face to face and handling each application manually or through third-party solutions, a good DBS provider will be fully digital and offer end-to-end DBS checks on one platform. This reduces the administrative burden for your business and allows you to make hiring decisions confidently. You must choose a provider who can track each of your basic DBS applications and provide you with an online account to do so. This will enable you to view updates as they are made and track the progress of each application. Your chosen DBS provider should also be able to provide you with management reports built around your organization’s policies, making them easier to understand and use.

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