Benefits of K9 Dogs

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They are loyal, courageous, protective, and loving. Dogs can be great pets for families, but they can also help with police work as well. Have you ever heard of a K9 dog? These dogs are trained to help police professionals with their work. Keep reading to see some benefits of having a K9 dog officer on hand at the police office.

Bombs or Drugs

Everyone knows that a dog’s smell is absolutely superior. This talent comes in handy when doing police work. A K9 dog officer can sniff out bombs and drugs. In fact, a trained K9 dog could even smell drugs that are in plastic bags. They can also smell explosives and flammables. These dogs help police have legal grounds to search something. If you want to book an officer, there are K9 Officers Redlands CA.

Tracking People Down

Here is another situation when a dog’s smelling skills can come in handy. Unfortunately, people can go missing. Fortunately, K9 officer dogs can be used in search missions. If the police need to find an individual, the dogs can help them. When given a person’s scent to go off of, the K9 officers can take police officers where they need to go. The dogs can track down people, such as convicts or suspects of crimes.

Protection and Safety

It’s no secret that while dogs are appealing, they can also be scary in a certain context. This is good for police officers. Police officers can use these dogs to scare suspects or people causing trouble. Along with this, these officer dogs are trained to protect their handler. They will attack someone for their handler if presented with a threat. Dogs can provide safety to human officers.

Police Department Reputation

This benefit might seem less important, but it’s worth mentioning. If a police department has K9 dogs, these dogs can appear at local and special events. Many people love animals, including dogs. Having a K9 dog at a community event can boost rapport with the neighborhood.

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