Live a healthy life with the benefits of lemon for health

It is undoubtedly one of the best medicinal foods consumed worldwide to live a healthy life. Different benefits of lemon for health and varieties of use make it the protagonist of our pantry any time any season.

The benefits and properties of lemon give us excellent results in the field of natural medicine. It has been widely used as an ingredient in international gastronomic diversity and a great ally in personal care and hygiene.

In this article, you can discover the main benefits that lemon provides for our health.

Let us begin!

benefits of lemon for health

19 Benefits of lemon for health to live a healthy life

Lemon and its many benefits will be explained in this article and we want to answer all your questions: what are the benefits of lemon for health? What are the properties of lemon? What is good for water with lemon?

Read carefully and find out many things that perhaps you did not know or unable to access.

Improve Digestion and Help Us with Stomach Problems

The citric acid content of the lemon helps to neutralize the stomach acidity because the organism turns it into mineral salts. It favors the digestion, the gases and the stomach heaviness.

The acidity of the lemon favors the secretion of the bile juices and its pectin content protects the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.

Great Diuretic Power

The antioxidant properties of lemon make it a toxin killer and prevent fluid retention.

This purifying power through urine can cleanse your body of free radicals that oxidize cells and age the body.

Another benefit of water with lemon is that it can prevent the appearance of kidney stones because of its great diuretic power.


To Improve the Immune System

Among the benefits of lemon for health and properties of lemon, these are the key for our health. It contains a high amount of vitamin C, various types of vitamin B, and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.  They are the standard bearers in the protection of the immune system.

It is the preferred remedy by everyone to fight against flu, colds and irritation in the throat.

Improve our mood and give us energy

One of the best benefits of lemon for health is it gives us the energy to live a healthy life. The amount of negative ions contains in it can interact in the best way with the enzymes in the digestive tract.

The scent of lemon helps clear and clear your mind, reduces anxiety, reduces fatigue and improves your mood.

Before sleeping you can cut a few slices of lemon and enjoy its aroma closely. It will relax your brain and help you sleep better (see natural remedies for deep sleep).

For the Breath

The lemon has antibiotic and antiviral properties that in many cases are the cause of bad breath. Make gargling with lemon in these cases is very effective.

We can have bad breath also after a very spicy meal or with very strong smells like fish or seafood. In these cases, a good cup of warm water with lemon will refresh your breath and improve your digestion.

Reestablish the PH of the Body

The ascorbic acid present in vitamin C and citric exerts an alkalizing effect in the body. The more alkaline your body can produce, you are more secure and protected against disease because healthy tissues protect us from free radicals.

benefits of lemon for health

Detoxifies the Liver

Drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach cleanses the liver and the digestive system in general. As we know, the liver is responsible for cleaning toxins from the body. The more purified it is, the better we can enjoy to live a healthy life.

The benefits of lemon for health are huge. Lemon juice for fatty liver helps restore the purifying functions of liver cells when they are filled with fat.

Potassium Source

The potassium bicarbonate compound is another kind of properties of lemon. It can interact with the body’s acids to maintain adequate levels of the immune system.

Help us with Weight Loss

Drink water with lemon to lose weight is very effective when we want to take those extra pounds off.

Lemon in the morning, especially on an empty stomach, stimulates the molecule responsible for burning fat more effectively.

Blood Purifier

Cleaning power is one of the best among the other key benefits of lemon for health to live a healthy life. This power is used to clean and purify the blood. We should thank to its high content of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Lower the fever

Applying cloths of cold water with lemon for its aromatic and refreshing properties is a great remedy to reduce fever.

We usually take tea infusions with lemon and honey for the antiviral and analgesic properties of these three ingredients.

Reduce High Blood Pressure

Drinking a glass of water every morning with lemon juice improves blood circulation and provides the body with low-calorie energy source thus improving blood pressure.

benefits of lemon for health

Helps us with Throat Disorders

Nothing like lemon to eliminate the bacteria that lodge in the throat because of the antiseptic and refreshing properties it contains.

Allied for our Dental Care

The properties and benefits of lemon for health to live a healthy life are varied in our personal care. Lemon is a good ally to whiten teeth and to combat bad breath and gingivitis.

Properties of lemon to have a healthy skin

The uses of lemon for the body skin are extraordinary. Lemon can retard the anti-aging action by its antioxidants. It also prevents acne because the alkaline properties act directly on the bacteria that can cause acne.

With taking lemonade daily you will get a healthy skin, free of fat and smooth.

The lemon applied directly to the skin helps reduce stains, taking the precaution of not exposing yourself to the sun when you have applied it.

Lemon provides us Radiant Hair

The benefits of lemon for the hair are that it combats dandruff and controls excess fat. Apply directly to the scalp before washing it with the right shampoo.

Cancer prevention

Among the benefits of drinking water with lemon is that we ingest anti-carcinogenic compounds that act directly on acid wastes that are directly related to cancerous diseases.

The pH of the lemon helps reduce acidity in the blood by providing alkaline properties for better health.

Drinking water with lemon purifies excess uric acid, lactic acid and pyruvic acid among others in the body.

To Combat Colds

The high content of ascorbic acid and vitamin C make it the best known natural remedy to fight bacteria, flu and colds.

Help to Heal Wounds

To increase the healing process it requires the body to produce enough collagen. One of the best properties of lemon and benefits of lemon for health is it can stimulate its production.

benefits of lemon for health

How to make water with lemon?

Take the measure of a cup of water and heat it in a pot without it boiling. Then squeeze the lemon juice and take it before breakfast to get better results.

How to drink water with lemon?

As you have just seen, preparing water with lemon is very simple. Although we have already told you the benefits of lemon for health and properties of lemon, we are going to give you some advice so that you do not lose your properties.

If you want to prepare a hot lemonade, do not throw both ingredients at the same time. Wait for the water to warm up first and then add the lemon juice. Do not subject it to high temperatures because it loses part of its properties.

Do not add sugar, you can replace it with honey.

benefits of lemon for health

Contraindications of Lemon

If you suffer from gallstones, you should control the consumption of the lemon because it encourages the production of bile and the formation of stones.

Excess consumption of lemon can excessively increase acidity in the body.

One of the contraindications of lemon is its application directly on the teeth because it can damage the tooth enamel. Make sure you protect them when you need to gargle for gingivitis.

Go ahead and take advantage of all the benefits of lemon for health and properties of lemon to live a healthy life!

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