Developments in Plastic Recycling

The world has a serious problem, as a mounting plastic trash crisis engulfs technical, social, and economic dimensions. Many have felt that recycling would the answer, but there isn’t enough action taken nationwide or across the globe to end the massive pile-up of plastics and wastes products.  Fortunately, chemists are looking at ways to alter the course of the crisis, using the very things that created the original problem.

The Growth and Destruction of Plastic

The polymers and chemicals Louisville KY companies use for their products are designed to be stable and highly durable. These products are supposed to hard to break down, but this contributes to plastic waste growth. Rather than use polymers to put plastics together, scientists are looking into ways for polymers to take plastic apart. Some companies work to turn plastics back into their monomeric form, with the hope that the building blocks could be turned into an alternative fuel source. There are other processes that can be used to convert additives or fuels for use in other products.

The Recycling Options

It is important for individuals around the world to continue implementing recycling measures, though new methods will need to be devised in order to handle the changes in the composition and use of polymers. Wind turbines and cars are just two of the products that rely on the durability of the composite materials that include carbon fiber and fiberglass. These polymer resins cannot be melted and reformed into other plastics. Because of this, chemists are looking into the methods that can be used to safely recycle products with these plastics. Even still, it could be easier to develop new materials out of materials that are more easily recycled.

Do Your Part

Even if you don’t own a wind turbine, you can still do your part to protect the environment. If your city offers a recycling service, sign your household up and participate. Separate out garbage products like paper, plastic, and glass. These are easily recycled.

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