Not all dogs have stomachs of steel. Sure, some may be chowing down on expensive high heels and building blocks, but many pups have tender guts. Their diets cannot sustain just anything; instead, they require a filling bowl of healthy food. The right ingredients may improve their physical stamina and mood. Consider the following two things when selecting their food.

Consider Tummy Concerns

Just like people, pups have upset tummies and allergies too. Pay attention to unusual behavior after feeding times. Is the little guy vomiting frequently? Are ear infections occurring often? Certain foods could be aggravating the system. If you have any specific questions, always ask the experts.

Vets may discuss how certain ingredients are more likely to upset the stomach than others. They also understand that various foods are gentler to consume. Boiled chicken and rice are often tolerated with sick puppies or older dogs. Fulltime this meal isn’t enough; it lacks essential vitamins. Professionals may recommend moving to dry or wet products such as venison or lamb mixed with sweet potatoes–ingredients that work for many sensitive bellies.

Avoid table scraps, and ask the vet about treats. Some processed bones and snacks don’t sit well.

Do More Than Protein

When you meet with dog professionals, they understand the need for a healthy, well-balanced meal. Show line german shepherd breeders are not giving their dogs steak every night. Breeds may do better when fed nutritious portions of meat, grains and vegetables. After all, valuable minerals are found in rice and potatoes, as well as blueberries and greens. These foods offer several benefits for a dog’s heart, bones, teeth and coat.

Your furry loved one deserves a diet that is filling for both the stomach and the soul. If something isn’t tolerated well, speak with breeders and vets to find out what may work best.

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