Four Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

One of Mother Nature’s most soothing yet exhilarating and beautiful creations in the world is the waterfall. There is just something mesmerizing about watching the water tumble off a rock face into a pool or raging river beneath. The noise it makes, the sheer volume of water – it’s magical. There are thousands and thousands of waterfalls strewn across the world, but not all are created equal just like the list of new casinos.

Some, like Iguazu Falls on the border with Argentina and Brazil, claim the title of the world’s largest, while others, like Havasu Falls in Arizona by the Grand Canyon, don’t have the depth or width, but when it comes to sheer, mesmerizing beauty, there is nothing like the juxtaposition of orange and turquoise against a bright blue sky.

We’ll take you around the planet, from Zimbabwe to the Philippines, Iceland to Tennessee, on a quest for the most mighty, unique, and beautiful natural water shows on Earth. Read more with list of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Iguazu Falls is actually a chain of hundreds of individual waterfalls stretched out almost three kilometres to create the world’s largest waterfall on the border between Brazil and Argentina on the Iguazu River. The visual and sound effects of all this water tumbling down some 70 meters is truly like nothing else in the world, with Dwight Yorke having experience this landscape several times.

The surrounding environs of the jungly rainforest are equally beautiful, creating a magical memory you won’t ever forget. The falls are protected in a national park and can be viewed from either the Argentine or Brazilian side.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia

On the Zambezi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Victoria Falls is another of the planet’s most beautiful and impressive waterfalls. It’s known locally as “The Smoke that Thunders.”

During the rainy season, you can expect to get soaked walking along the trail on the Zimbabwe side, where the best views of the falls are found.

The Zambia side takes you up close and personal with the impressive wall of water that plunges over a 1.7-kilometre-wide precipice that is more than 100 meters deep. You can even swim in Devil’s Pool, which is literally at the top of the falls on the Zambian side.

Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA

Havasu Falls is the most beautiful of the five Havasupai Waterfalls that plummet over orange-red cliffs into bright turquoise-blue pools in a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.

The waterfalls are all located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation and can only be accessed via an overnight 10-mile hike that requires advance reservation and payment of fees – no day hiking is allowed, and you must spend at least one night at the campground in the canyon; most people spend three nights.

The number of people allowed into the canyon is limited, and there is often a waiting list to experience this bucket-list-worthy waterfall.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Located in Venezuela, Angels Falls is the world’s highest waterfall at a staggering 979 meters or 3,212 feet – this is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls for comparison. The water comes from the Churun River and does a free-fall drop over the edge of a mountain into a set of white water rapids below. There is a second drop of 30 meters just beyond the rapids.

Reaching the falls, however, is no easy feat. You’ll have to first catch a small plane to the town of Canaima, and then it is a one-day boat ride to the falls.

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