Health benefits of the sauna

The sauna has become popular as an alternative for relaxation; however, beyond this, it appears to have other health benefits. According to an article in Havard Health Publications, it is a safe therapy for most people; Still, it is wise to take precautions.

In general, the sauna is taken after going through a swimming session, or as part of the spa sessions. Although positive effects have been found at the cardiovascular and muscular level, it is not suitable for everyone. What does the evidence say? When to avoid it? We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

Types of sauna

The traditional sauna consists of a room, usually with wooden walls and seats, in which there is an oven or hot stones that give off heat. This heat is usually dry and leaves a humidity level between 10 and 20%.

However, depending on the country, the sauna can change depending on the humidity levels, more or less high. For example, Turkish women tend to have a higher level of humidity compared to traditional philanders. Furthermore, it is possible to observe another difference in the supply of heat. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

  • Firewood – Wood can be used to heat the room and produce high temperatures and low humidity levels.
  • Electric heat: they use an electric heater, usually connected to the floor. Its action is similar to a wood-heated sauna.
  • Infrared sauna: instead of heating the entire room, this type of sauna heats only the person’s body, through infrared waves. They reach lower temperatures than the other two rooms, but they produce the same amount of sweat.
  • Steam baths: they are different from the sauna because the heat is not dry, but humid. You sweat because there is a lot of humidity.

Today there are several types of sauna. However, in general, they all produce similar effects in the body.

What is the sauna for?

Human beings are homeothermic, that is, the variation in external temperature does not usually affect us. This is because the body has mechanisms that allow it to maintain its internal temperature at stable levels.

Once inside the sauna, these mechanisms come to the fore, since there is an increase in the outside temperature. So the body acts as follows :

  • Cutaneous vasodilation: there is an increase in the diameter of the skin vessels. This allows more blood flow in it and the blood can be more in contact with the outside. Thanks to this, the heat can be removed to the outside environment.
  • Increased sweating: small amounts of water and salts are expelled through the pores of the skin to refresh the body. In addition, heat is removed by evaporation.
  • Increased heart rate: the heart expels blood faster and increases blood flow to the skin.
  • Increased respiration: increases the evaporation of water that moistens the airways and dissipates heat.

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