Leveraging Dynamic Ads for Automotive Inventory in Paid Search

Leverage dynamic ads to drive highly qualified automotive search and remarketing traffic. The dealership’s in-stock inventory will be showcased to vehicle shoppers, resulting in a lower cost-per-lead and more leads.

By linking a website inventory feed to Facebook’s catalog, dealerships can display a carousel of in-stock vehicles, including descriptions and up-to-date pricing. This ad type has been shown to deliver better results than standard Automotive Inventory Ads.

Create Ad Groups Based on Inventory

Dynamic search ads use inventory data from your website to fill in gaps in your keyword strategy, allowing you to capture searches that might otherwise be missed. This is particularly important for dealerships with continuously changing inventory where generating qualified leads from paid search can be challenging.

Once you’ve created a dynamic search ad campaign, you can create listing groups that align with specific items in your inventory. You can also apply automation rules to streamline your workflow and ensure that your campaigns always work at peak performance. For example, you can set a reach goal to automatically increase the number of unique users that see your ads by setting a minimum target reach for each ad group.

You can also set a click-through rate (CTR) goal to improve your ad group’s average click-through rate automatically. This will help you increase the number of clicks while maintaining your desired CPM.

You can also set a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goal to optimize towards your desired cost-per-acquisition automatically.

Create Ad Copy Based on Inventory

Car dealerships can use dynamic ads to target users in remarketing campaigns across Facebook, the Google Display network, and paid search for automotive dealerships. Dynamic ads are personalized to each user and showcase the vehicle inventory available at the dealership based on their browsing history. The ads show a headline that matches the exact search term and directs users to the specific vehicle detail page where they can see your current inventory.

In addition to showing the vehicles currently in stock, a dealer can also use dynamic ads to showcase upsells, cross-sells, and new products to shoppers who have visited the website in the past. This can increase the likelihood of a sale and improve ROI.

To set up dynamic ads, a dealer must create an ad group and add the dynamic data feed. After that, they can either create an ad from scratch or choose one of the ads already created within the ad group.

When creating an ad, the dealer must ensure they are tracking their campaign’s performance. The most crucial metric is dealership cost per lead, which considers both online and offline (phone) leads. 

Create Ad Images Based on Inventory

A key aspect of effective automotive digital advertising is providing a personalized experience for customers. This is important not only to drive high-quality leads but also to build brand loyalty. Today’s consumers expect personalization in their social media feeds, search results, and online ads.

One of the best ways to do this is by using dynamic ads on Google that display real-time inventory. Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) automatically update the latest available stock to show highly relevant ads for car shoppers. These ads can be used on the Google Search Network, YouTube videos, and the Google Display Network.

Another great option is to use local inventory ads on Google. These inventory-based ads are a great way to generate in-store traffic by showing products ready for pickup in your store or nearby. These ads can be displayed within the search results, Google Maps, and in the Shopping tab on Google.

To maximize the effectiveness of these ads, it’s critical to have the inventory information up-to-date at all times. To do this, use a location extension bid modifier to increase your bids for shoppers within a 25-35-mile radius of your stores. This will allow you to capture more traffic from prospective buyers and increase your chances of a sale. This can be especially useful during the busiest hours of the day.

Create Ad Schedules Based on Inventory

To keep your ads current, Google will automatically select and update the relevant vehicle information from the inventory feed you provide daily. This makes it easy to keep your car dealership ads running smoothly and efficiently. This also helps avoid costly mistakes like mismatched keywords or ad copy irrelevant to your current inventory.

VIN Specific Advertising is a type of dynamic remarketing that enables car dealerships to use inventory on their website to create personalized ads in paid search and display. These dynamic ads are displayed to consumers who have visited the dealership website and may be interested in a particular vehicle. The ad will then display information about the car, including images, pricing, and incentives, to encourage the consumer to visit the dealer’s website and complete the transaction.

Dynamic ad campaigns are an excellent way for car dealerships to reach buyers at every stage of the car buying process. Using inventory on your website and dynamic search ads to show consumers vehicles they are interested in can help your dealership stand out from competitors and increase the number of high-quality leads from your online marketing efforts.

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