Six Reasons to Use Plating on Industry Materials

For many years, plating tanks have been used for surface finishing project with metallic materials in many industries. By coating metal substances with protective barriers, it can reduce corrosion and support longer product life. The plating tanks are fabricated to handle a wide range temperatures and can withstand the various chemical compounds used in plating processes. There are many things electroplating can do for your business and its equipment.

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1. It forms a protective barrier. Coating or plating protects the material from the atmospheric or environmental conditions that cause corrosion. Because they can withstand the extreme conditions, they last longer and save a company on replacement costs.

2. It reduces friction. With metal that are strong electrical connectors, nickel plating can reduce the build-up friction. It also reduces premature wear while improving overall material performance.

3. It conducts electricity. If you are needing a conductivity solution, plating a material with silver can improve electrical connections. This makes a strong and cost-effective choice for electronics and electrical manufacturing needs.

4. It can enhance overall appearance. Not all plating is used for heavy manufacturing needs. Jewelry often relies on a thin plating of precious metal to present the illusion of the real thing. This is a cost-effective way to achieve a nice looking product at a great price but without using costly resources.

5. It prevents the formation of whiskers. During some manufacturing processes, sharp protrusions can form on a material. The industry calls these whiskers, and a zinc-nickel alloy can help prevent them from developing. Electrical complications can result if a whisker breaks away from the material and comes in contact with voltage.

6. It can increase heat resistance. When materials are plated with zinc-nickel or gold, there is increased resistance to damage caused by extreme temperatures. Preventing warping and deformation can increase the lifespan of a material.

These are only six of the reasons plating processes have made improvements to machinery and equipment across a host of industries. Protecting elements from corrosion or other negative impact helps achieve more consistency and affordability for consumers everywhere.

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