Top Things to Consider When Choosing a Dispensary

Your local dispensary should make you feel welcomed and supported. It should have a clean, bright, and contemporarily designed interior.

Dispensaries should also have a good customer service program that includes text messages. It is the most effective method of communication for most cannabis consumers. It helps to keep them informed about discounts, promotions, and exclusive deals.


Many cannabis consumers want to develop a relationship with their local dispensary. They might visit the same one every time they buy, or choose a shop nearby to go to on their way home from work, or even a specific location for medical marijuana delivery services.

The location of a dispensary is the first thing most potential customers consider. It’s essential to ensure your store is accessible and in a good neighborhood. If possible, look for a store in a free-standing building rather than a strip mall. Strip malls have less customizable spaces and can be harder to convert to dispensaries.

When choosing a location, consider traffic patterns and public perception of your business. Ensure your business can accommodate busy rush hours and have enough parking to meet demand.

Another important consideration is whether your store has a lounge area where customers can hang out while they wait for their budtender. It is an excellent feature for medical patients who might spend more than recreational customers.

The most crucial factor for dispensary owners is creating a safe and enjoyable customer experience. You can do this by providing a beautiful space and offering well-designed workflows that help customers move through your store efficiently. Additionally, you’ll need to provide a wide variety of products for customers and patients, including cannabis flowers, tinctures, concentrates, and more.


A good dispensary South Jersey offers a welcoming environment for customers and ensures they feel like they’ve had a great experience. It can include a well-designed layout that flows efficiently and effectively for staff and customers and a clean store with high-quality products.

Many people who have trepidation about walking into a cannabis store for the first time will want to make sure that they’re going somewhere that’s comfortable and safe. Some dispensaries offer amenities like massage chairs, a soothing soundtrack or lighting, and music to help calm the nerves.

One of the most important aspects of a dispensary is its ability to connect with and stay in contact with its customers. The most effective method of doing so for the cannabis consumer demographic is text message marketing, which has a 99% open rate and can be used to notify customers of new promotions or discounts.

A dispensary can also improve its customer experience by offering a digital menu that can easily be updated with the latest inventory. It can help the customer learn more about each product by including details like terpene profiles, cannabinoids, and THC percentages. The digital menu can also be used to implement a loyalty rewards program that encourages desired purchasing behaviors and helps to build brand loyalty. It can be a huge differentiator for a dispensary competing against competitors that don’t offer this service.

Customer Service

The cannabis industry may be new, but shoppers crave excellent customer service. Whether shopping online for products or in-store, a dispensary’s shoppers expect to be guided through the process just as they would in any other establishment. A staffed, knowledgeable team makes all the difference in elevating a retail experience.

Staff should be trained to answer questions while making a sale and after the transaction closes. It lets customers feel comfortable and secure in their purchases, knowing they can return if they have any issues. It’s also essential for dispensary employees to understand how to handle demanding customers. When customers are dissatisfied with their experience, a genuine apology and a promise to improve can work wonders in retaining their loyalty and trust.

Dispensaries should also provide a user-friendly website with detailed product descriptions and recommendations that vary with shopper experience level. A well-rounded dispensary website will also include FAQs that help customers find answers to common questions without contacting a staff member. It shows that a dispensary is invested in providing an exceptional customer experience. It is the type of customer service that entices consumers to return repeatedly.


The products offered by a dispensary can include marijuana (flower), cannabis oil, edibles, vape cartridges, tinctures, and concentrates. Dispensaries may offer ancillary products like glassware, hemp seed, and CBD accessories. A dispensary’s product selection should be varied enough to appeal to different consumers and be considered a one-stop shop.

A dispensary’s point of sale (POS) is where sales and inventory are tracked and managed. It is typically done with POS software specifically designed for the cannabis industry. It allows budtenders to calculate taxes, offer specials, and make quick transactions.

Most legal dispensaries still only accept cash because ACH and credit card processors are federally run and cannot be used for transactions with an illegal entity, such as a cannabis business. The best dispensaries will be set up with a cash management process that is efficient and compliant.

A POS system can also help a dispensary avoid discrepancies in inventory, which is especially important for cannabis businesses that operate under strict compliance standards. Differences in stock can lead to regulatory violations. A POS system will allow a dispensary to keep accurate records and improve customer experience by automating the transaction process and eliminating human error. It can also track inventory remotely, allowing for more transparency in a dispensary’s operations. Dispensaries should be able to provide customers with a detailed breakdown of their purchase, including the amount of THC, CBD, and other active ingredients in each product.

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