3 Steps for Upgrading Your Small Business Technology

You and many other entrepreneurs may resist upgrading technological infrastructure because unfamiliar processes can be intimidating. Tackling the steps of an integration strategy one by one might help make the procedure more manageable.

1. Find Technology That Fits Your Needs

There are specialized products available, and they may not all be suitable for every application. For example, your HVAC wholesale company might benefit from a customer relationship management platform to optimize your client interaction and marketing strategies. Software for dry cleaner could help you manage your drop-offs, pickups, deliveries and inventory within the same point-of-sale program. The bottom line is to do your research and speak with consultants before you start buying new systems.

2. Implement Upgrades in Stages

Even if you can afford to make the entire system upgrade at one time, it may not be wise to do so. Installing and launching new technology and processes takes time. Beyond the aspect of physical labor and training, both you and your employees will face a learning curve that will likely be steeper if you change your entire operating procedure at once.
Furthermore, each business and system is unique and will often require fine-tuning after the upgrade has gone live. If you make too many changes have at once, it could be troublesome to identify where the problems are.

3. Create a Training Program for Your Staff

As you research and make decisions about your technology integration products, also take the time to think like your employees would when faced with a new enterprise operating system. Outline the steps that you are taking to learn about the software and hardware as you go so that you can use them later to develop a training program for your staff.

Remember that you and your employees will all be at about the same level as you learn the new technology that will ultimately make your business run better. Treat it like a team-building exercise, and your company and customers could benefit greatly from your integration strategy.

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