How To Line Up the Right Trailer for Your Semi-Truck

As a self-employed commercial truck hauler, you likely have spent time attaching your semi-tractor to various company trailers. A time may come when you decide to select a preowned trailer of your own to attach on an ongoing basis. How do you know which is the right one? Follow these guidelines for choosing a used commercial trailer that you can rely on day-after-day.

Peruse the History

The conditions in which the trailer was used and the number of miles logged can give you a measure of potential wear and tear you may find upon inspection. Call ahead to gather this data. Consider how many owners the trailer has had and why it is being sold. Also, if it was coming off a lease from swing door trailers Pacific WA you can be reasonably sure it was taken care of. Leasing companies maintain and back up their products.

Check the Safety Areas

It is important that all trailer safety features work properly, for your own safety and that of others on the road. Also, non-functioning components will act as magnets for tickets during inspections. First, go over the signal and stop lights. Second, inspect the brake parts for wear and rust; try out the ABS system to ensure it functions. Third, note whether the tires are low on tread or splitting on any surfaces. Finally, run an eye along all wires to check for fraying.

Get a Handle on the Structure

The bones of the trailer are as important as any other area. Spend time looking over the trailer’s frame, connecting bolts, welds and external skin. You are looking for rust spots and cracks — any that appear significant or deep-seated should provide a reason to walk away.

Buying a used trailer for your personal semi-truck can be a financially sound deal. To ensure stress-free miles ahead, make certain you hitch your cab to a well-maintained unit.

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