A Clean Office Makes the Best Impression

The demands of running a business can be high. Perhaps, as many bosses do, you spend as much or more time at your business than you do at your own home. You are, in effect, welcoming customers into your ‘home’ when they come into your business, so make a good impression on them by using these simple, but important tips for keeping your commercial space in top shape.

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Do it Everyday

A professional business understands how important it is to their clients and customers that they can come into a clean and orderly environment. Keeping the floors vacuumed, mopped and polished and the furnishings dusted on a daily basis prevents buildup and can make the difference between looking grungy or looking top notch. Even your elevators and public restrooms will leave an impression with your customers, so see that they are cleaned daily. Windows can be done on a weekly schedule.

Use Skilled Cleaning Staff

Even a small office staff can leave waste baskets full, messes on the floors, food wrappers and the restrooms in need of cleaning – More so if you have customers on site, so you will need to employ a separate skilled janitorial staff. Instruct them to get into corners and move things to clean underneath. Invest in the proper equipment such as vacuum cleaners or floor buffers, and arrange for an industrial rag cleaning service to recycle your dirty cleaning rags.

It’s the Little Things

Attention to small details does more than make the space look well-kept and welcoming. It also shows an attitude of concern for and interest in your customers. Add a vase here and there with fresh flowers or keep some growing plants scattered throughout. Consider some type of artwork on the walls to set the theme and add an element of comfort.

Rather than adding stress, having a regular and thorough cleaning routine has some calming benefits. It will not only make a good impression, but can improve staff morale, and add longevity to your building.

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