The Most Studied Careers in the USA

When I was little, my parents always told me that to be happy in this life.  It was important for them to do something I liked. They told me, I should study something that I really liked and attracted. It is very important to be happy, to study something that you are passionate about. And this is the goal of this post where we will talk about the 7 most popular careers in the USA.

One of the advantages that the United States is so great is that it has thousands of universities, something that offers students who want to study the race there a huge range of possibilities. Everyone is able to find a suitable university and career for that person. There are hundreds of races, some have more outings than others and some have more money than with others … but the important thing is to find a career that is suitable for your tastes and preferences.

Most in demand careers in the USA

Careers in the USA


The most popular races by far are those of Humanities with around 650,000 graduates last year. These careers are based mainly on studying humans and everything that surrounds them. That is to say, human history, societies, cultures are studied … Humanities careers include sociology, anthropology, psychology … although all these careers are completely different, in the end, they try to study different aspects of human beings. The best universities to study Humanities are Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and Yale.


The second most studied careers in the USA are Business Management and Business Administration. This race is popular everywhere, but in the United States, it has around 550,000 graduates annually. Within this branch could include careers such as accounting, finance or marketing. Along with all of them Business careers are very popular in the United States. From these careers come future entrepreneurs who will take part of society to the future. The best universities to study Business/Management are the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Southern Carolina and Georgetown University.

Careers in the USA


Third in this list is the Health careers, which include Nursing and Medicine, among others. These careers reach half a million students. Health careers are very important for our society. Without good doctors or good health, our society would change radically, so it is essential to continue creating good doctors and doctors. The best universities to study these careers are the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University and Duke University.


Fourth, we find education careers in the USA. These careers, with around 200,000 graduates annually, as well as those of health, are essential for the proper functioning of our society. Without a good education since childhood, our world cannot function properly. In this branch of careers are included those of infant, primary, secondary and university education. The best places to study these careers are Vanderbilt, Duke, Brown and Tufts University.

Careers in the USA


In the next place on this list, we find the biology degree. Biology is the study of living matter, including its origin, its characteristics, and its evolution. This study includes the study of humans, plants, animals and the characteristics of the environment in which they live. Some 150,000 people graduate annually with a degree in biology. The best universities to study biology are Harvard, Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


In penultimate place in this list, we find engineering careers in the USA. Like other branches mentioned above, engineering can be very varied. In this case, any type of engineering is included. Some 130,000 people graduate annually with a degree in engineering. The best universities to study any type of engineering are MIT, Stanford, Princeton and the California Institute of Technology.

Careers in the USA

Computer Science

Seventh and last in this list of the most popular careers in the USA is Computer Science, with more than 100,000 graduates annually.  This race in Spanish would be a mix between Computing and Telecommunications. Like all races, it is very difficult. However, this is possibly the most complicated race of those mentioned in this article. The best universities to study Computer Science are Northwestern, Stanford and University of South Carolina.

These are the most popular careers or career branches in the United States. As you have seen, many of the best universities in which to study them are repeated throughout the article. In fact, many of these universities are already mentioned in the articles on the Top-10 of public and private universities, so I recommend you take a look.

End message:

And finally, remember the following: when you are deciding what you want to study. Do not decide for the most popular careers, those that have more outlets or with which you think you will earn more money. When the time comes, choose the career that you think you will enjoy the most and the one you most love.

I hope this article has been useful to find your best careers in the USA and see you in the next post!

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