Edible Gift Bouquets

When you think of the word “bouquet,” you probably have flowers in mind. Seeing a beautifully arranged floral bouquet usually invokes a feeling of happiness. If you think flowers are the only type of bouquet, though, think again. Offering someone a homemade or pre-made edible bouquet is not only a nice gift for any occasion, but it also shows kindness on one’s part and the desire to make others feel cherished. Here are three types of edible gift bouquet to consider the next time you feel like brightening someone’s day.

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Edible Flower Bouquets

Flowers are not only meant for viewing; some of them are suitable for consumption, too. Before ingesting any flower, of course, make sure you consult this comprehensive list of edible flowers. After you are confident about hand-picking an assortment of qualified flowers, you can turn them into a lovely floral arrangement as a gift. You may also decide to work with professionals who have access to edible plants and know just what works in a bouquet. These blossoms make nice decorations as well as garnishes to your dishes.

Cookie Bouquets

Do your childhood memories bring you to your grandmother’s kitchen, where she would bake you cookies anytime you asked? Cookies have always been a favorite pick-me-up food. As a token of appreciation, you could bake your loved one’s favorite cookies, decorate them and arrange them as a bouquet before sending it off.

If you have neither the time nor the talent for baking, you can relegate your duty to the professionals instead. Surprise your loved ones with cookie gift baskets on their birthdays or other milestones, along with a floral bouquet.

Fruit Bouquets

Many edible foods can be made into the shapes of flowers. Cut-up melons, pineapples, grapes and berries are all popular ingredients for an eye-catching, delectable arrangement. String them onto skewers and insert them into a pot garnished with leafy greens and you should be all set to go.

Tutorials abound on how to engage in a fun, family-friendly DIY edible bouquet project. Just be sure to add a splash of patience and spread the love.

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