February is renowned as the month of love, with Valentine’s Day stealing the spotlight in the middle. However, beyond this celebrated day, there are numerous other special and romantic days throughout the month that offer additional chances to cherish your relationship. Planning something extraordinary on these lesser-known days can serve as a heartfelt way to express your affection and deepen your connection. So, explore the diverse array of February special days for lovers and consider adding a touch of magic to each one to create lasting memories.

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Of course, the most well-known day for lovers is Valentine’s Day on February 14. This holiday traces its origins back to a Catholic feast day honoring an early Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. Over time, it evolved into a celebration of love and romance. Valentine’s Day is marked by exchanging cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts with your sweetheart. Going out for a nice dinner at a restaurant is another popular way to celebrate. Or you could spend a cozy night at home cooking a romantic meal together, exchanging thoughtful gifts, and watching a movie while cuddling on the couch. No matter how you choose to celebrate, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make your partner feel special.

Valentine's Day - February 14

Propose Day – February 8

Leading up to Valentine’s Day is a more modern series of days known as Valentine’s Week. Propose Day kicks this off on February 8. As the name suggests, it’s a day when people traditionally propose marriage to their partner. Getting down on one knee and asking your love to marry you is one of the most romantic gestures there is. If you’re thinking of popping the question, doing it on Propose Day adds even more meaning and excitement. It shows that your relationship is ready for this big next step. Plus, the timing means you’ll always have an anniversary close to Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate Day – February 9

What better way to say “I love you” than with chocolate? Chocolate Day on February 9 satisfies sweet tooths while allowing you and your partner to indulge. You can explore and taste-test new chocolates together. Or try your hand at making chocolate-covered strawberries or baking chocolate lava cake from scratch. Getting creative with homemade chocolate recipes as a couple adds fun. Gift your partner a chocolate bouquet, truffles from a local chocolatier, or a box of their favorite candy. No matter how you celebrate, chocolate helps create romantic memories.

Teddy Day – February 10

Teddy Day on February 10 is all about gifting soft, cuddly teddy bears to your Valentine. The cuteness overload doesn’t stop there – having a teddy bear picnic is a popular way to celebrate this day. Pack your partner’s favorite snacks and sweet note into a basket. Bring along the teddy bear you gave them. Then head to the park for an adorable picnic date. At home, you can build a fort of blankets and pillows, then spend the day inside cuddling while watching movies. No matter your age, teddy bears make thoughtful gifts that provide comfort and show your affection.

Promise Day – February 11

Promise Day falls on February 11 and involves couples making promises to each other. These could be promises about your future together, like vowing lifelong loyalty or dreaming up bucket list adventures. But more day-to-day promises also have meaning, like cooking dinner every Friday night or giving an hourly shoulder massage. Write your promises in heartfelt cards or love letters. For an added touch, find matching “promise rings” to exchange. Promise Day provides a chance to confirm your commitment and dedication to one another.

Hug Day – February 12

There’s no better feeling than a warm embrace from your partner. Hug Day on February 12 encourages couples to spend the day showing affection through heartfelt hugs. Try a cute themed idea like wearing matching “hug dealer” t-shirts. Or surprise your partner by waiting at the door with arms wide open when they come home. You can also exchange handshake-style “hug coupons” your partner can redeem for a squeeze anytime. However you celebrate, don’t underestimate the power of hugs to lift your mood and strengthen your bond.

Kiss Day – February 13

The day before Valentine’s Day is Kiss Day on February 13. As the name implies, it’s the perfect opportunity to shower each other with sweet smooches and kisses all day long. Come up with fun ways to surprise your partner with kisses throughout the day. Leave a trail of Hershey’s Kisses leading to a romantic note. Kiss under the mistletoe if you still have some up. Or recreate your first kiss. Kiss Day reminds you to take a break from life’s stresses and simply appreciate each other.

Rose Day – February 7

Leading up to Valentine’s Week is Rose Day on February 7. Roses are the ultimate symbol of romance and love. Surprise your sweetheart by having a bouquet of roses delivered to their home or job. For a more personal touch, pick up the roses yourself and hand them over during a romantic dinner or date. Single roses given throughout the day are also thoughtful. RoseDay provides the perfect excuse to incorporate this timeless romantic gift into your celebrations.

Chocolate Mint Day – February 19

Chocolate and mint is a delightful flavor combination. Chocolate Mint Day on February 19 is the ideal time to try this pairing with your significant other. Bake chocolate mint cookies or a grasshopper pie together. Mix up chocolate martinis or mint hot chocolate. Exchange chocolate mint candies like York peppermint patties or Andes mints. You could also plan a fun tasting flight at home, sampling various chocolate mint products while rating your favorites. However you observe it, this “holi-yay” for mint chocolate lovers adds a fun new food-centric holiday to celebrate.

Love Your Pet Day – February 20

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts. On Love Your Pet Day February 20, pay extra attention to your furry friends alongside your human Valentine. Include them in a celebratory pet-safe treat like a pupcake or kitty cookie. Take them on an extended playtime romp at the park. Or give them a luxurious spa experience with a grooming session and massage. Another idea is to commemorate your pet’s love with a custom photo shoot. Then create a wall gallery of your fur baby. However you celebrate, shower your pet with love and appreciation on this day.

Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17

In the midst of all the Valentine’s festivities, don’t forget to spread the love to others too. February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day, so perform good deeds and thoughtful gestures for friends, family, coworkers and even strangers. With your partner, brainstorm ideas like paying for someone’s coffee, leaving a kind note on a neighbor’s door, volunteering at a charity, or surprising a friend with freshly baked treats. Doing random acts of kindness together is a meaningful way to uplift others while strengthening your own bond.

Corporate Valentine’s Day – February 10

Valentine’s Day celebrations aren’t just for romance – they span all kinds of relationships. In the workplace, team members exchange Corporate Valentine’s Day cards and goodies as a sign of appreciation on February 10. Take time on this day to value the colleagues who support you daily. Surprise your work spouse with a card, inside joke gift or treat from their favorite bakery. Organize an office celebration complete with heart decorations and sweets. Write thank you notes to mentors or helpful higher-ups. Celebrating workplace friendships adds positivity.

Platonic Love Day – February 16

Romantic love often hogs the spotlight, but many other loving relationships exist. On Platonic Love Day February 16, shift the focus to friendships and familial love. Reconnect with a longtime friend you haven’t seen in ages. Deliver cupcakes to your extended family just because. Celebrate your bestie with their favorite takeout food and drinks. Write heartfelt cards for your siblings or cousins reminding them how much their support means. However you observe Platonic Love Day, make time to appreciate the people who provide daily comfort and companionship, without romance.

Singles Awareness Day – February 15

Mid-February can be a tough time if you’re single, with so much Valentine’s Day hype. But Singles Awareness Day on February 15 is a chance to celebrate being on your own. Gather your best single friends and plan an anti-Valentine’s Day party with all your favorite activities. Host a galentine’s brunch or guys’ night. Treat yourself to a solo spa day. Use this holiday to indulge your freedom and independence when you don’t have a partner. Being single has its perks – Singles Awareness Day reminds you to embrace them proudly.

Love Your Pet Day – February 20

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts. On Love Your Pet Day February 20, pay extra attention to your furry friends alongside your human Valentine. Include them in a celebratory pet-safe treat like a pupcake or kitty cookie. Take them on an extended playtime romp at the park. Or give them a luxurious spa experience with a grooming session and massage. Another idea is to commemorate your pet’s love with a custom photo shoot. Then create a wall gallery of your fur baby. However you celebrate, shower your pet with love and appreciation on this day.

World Marriage Day – February 12

For married couples, World Marriage Day on February 12 provides a chance to focus on your commitment to each other. Attend a faith-based gathering with other married couples. Plan a fun date night that commemorates where you first met or tied the knot. Exchange handwritten letters recalling your happiest memories as a married couple, as well as your hopes for the future together. If you have kids, ask them to make cards celebrating your marriage that you can display. Revisiting your wedding photos or video is another way to reminisce. This global celebration honors the beauty of marriage.

February Special Days

International Flirting Week – February 14-20

Adding some playful flirtation keeps relationships lively and fun. International Flirting Week from February 14-20 encourages couples to dedicate extra time to flirty banter, compliments, inside jokes, and light touches. Inject silliness and laughter into everyday moments together. Surprise your partner by getting dolled up for a romantic dinner at home. Compliment their appearance and attributes sincerely. Engage in teasing, inside jokes or witty rapport. Flirting feeds intimacy and attraction between partners.

Cuddle Up Day – February 25

Few activities are as cozy as snuggling up with your significant other. Cuddle Up Day on February 25 provides the perfect excuse to get your cuddle on. Cook breakfast together then eat it in bed or on the couch under a blanket. Spend a lazy day at home binge-watching movies in pajamas while wrapped in each other’s arms. Exchange massages or give foot rubs while cozying up close. Wherever you are, find ways to embrace, hold hands and feel each other’s touch throughout the day. Physical affection through cuddling releases oxytocin to strengthen your bond.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day – February 26

Bring a little magic and fantasy into your relationship on Tell a Fairy Tale Day, February 26. Curl up together and take turns reading your favorite fairy tales and folklore out loud. Have a “storytime picnic” at home or the park while you read to one another. Try your hand at writing an original fairy tale starring you and your partner as the protagonists. Or watch a fairytale-themed movie like Princess Bride or Enchanted. However you observe this whimsical holiday, let your imagination wander together.

Rare Disease Day – February 28

No relationship is perfect – all face challenges at times. On Rare Disease Day February 28, take time to discuss any struggles unique to your partnership. Even if your issues feel difficult or “rare,” you’re not alone. Opening up leads to growth. Consider participating in awareness or fundraising events for rare diseases or disorders. Supporting others facing challenges can unite you in appreciation for one another. While not overtly romantic, Rare Disease Day fosters honest communication, compassion and gratitude in relationships.

Public Displays of Affection Day – February 16

Public Displays of Affection Day on February 16 encourages couples to proudly share their love with the world. Hold hands, embrace and smooch in public settings you normally wouldn’t. Or amp up the PDA in places already comfortable for you. At home, stand at the front window kissing for the neighbors to see. At the park, spread out a blanket and snuggle visibly. Walk down the street giggling with your arms wrapped around each other. As long as others aren’t uncomfortable, this day allows you to let loose and be affectionate out in the open.

Serenade Your Sweetheart Day – February 14

If your partner loves musical surprises, Serenade Your Sweetheart Day on Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to flex your vocal skills. Don’t be shy about butchering their favorite love song – your effort is sure to melt their heart. Enlist backup singers from among your friend group for an added element of fun. If singing solo mortifies you, there are other musical options. Create a customized playlist of songs with meaningful memories attached. Or surprise your sweetie with tickets to see their favorite musician or band in concert. However you harmonize, a serenade underscores your love.

While Valentine’s Day takes center stage, February has so many more opportunities to celebrate your relationship. Marking lesser-known days provides fun and meaningful ways to keep the romance, thoughtfulness and laughter flowing every week. With a little creativity, you can tailor these special occasions to fit your partner’s unique interests and your own love story. So don’t let the magic of February love end on the 14th – embrace the chance to spread out sweetness and joy through the whole month!


What are the most important days for couples in February?

The most well-known is Valentine’s Day on February 14. But the whole week leading up Valentine’s Day is also important, including Propose Day (Feb 8), Chocolate Day (Feb 9), Teddy Day (Feb 10), Promise Day (Feb 11), Hug Day (Feb 12), and Kiss Day (Feb 13). Other notable days are World Marriage Day (Feb 12), Singles Awareness Day (Feb 15), Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17), Love Your Pet Day (Feb 20), and Tell a Fairy Tale Day (Feb 26).

What are fun at-home dates in February?

  • Cozy movie night with popcorn, candy and blankets
  • Romantic candlelit dinner you cook together
  • Customize cookies or cupcakes with Valentine’s Day decorations
  • DIY spa day with face masks, massages and a bubble bath
  • Game night – play your partner’s favorite board/video games
  • Cuddle up by the fireplace with hot chocolate
  • Bake sweets like chocolate lava cake or chocolate-covered strawberries

What gifts can I give my partner for February holidays?

  • Flowers (especially roses)
  • Chocolates and candy
  • Teddy bear
  • Promise ring
  • Romantic coupons (for a massage, date night, home-cooked meal, etc)
  • Customized framed photos, collages or albums celebrating your relationship
  • Ticket to their favorite musician’s concert
  • Piece of jewelry with special meaning

What are fun outdoor date ideas for February?

  • Picnic in the park
  • Hiking or nature trail walk
  • Ice skating at an outdoor rink
  • Visiting a botanical garden to see pretty winter plants and lights displays
  • Renting a cozy cabin for the weekend
  • Taking a mini road trip to explore a new town
  • Horse-drawn carriage ride
  • Bonfire in your backyard with s’mores

What unique events can we attend?

  • Cooking class focused on romantic recipes like chocolate-making
  • Paint night date at a studio
  • Dance class to learn how to tango or ballroom dance together
  • Improv comedy show
  • Concert or music festival
  • Local community Valentine’s Day singles meet up
  • Check museums or zoos for special Valentine’s events
  • Look up Valentine’s Day themed bar crawls
  • See if your city has a Ferris Wheel – ride it and kiss at the top!


February comes packed with opportunities to celebrate your romantic relationship beyond just Valentine’s Day. Taking advantage of the creative special days throughout the month allows you to have fun while actively strengthening your bond in these key ways:

  • Keeping the spark of romance alive with thoughtful gestures and quality time focused fully on each other
  • Communicating openly and expressing appreciation for one another
  • Building excitement, anticipation and memories around shared experiences
  • Lightening stressful times with laughter, silliness and playfulness
  • Embracing physical affection through actions like hugging, kissing and thoughtful touch
  • Customizing your celebrations around mutual interests and preferences

With so many days that cater to every dynamic – from cozy nights in, thoughtful gifts and chocolates to daring public displays of affection – February offers a chance to showcase your love across all its many flavors. So don’t let the magic fade after February 14 – take advantage of the full month to infuse your relationship with an extra dose of love, culminating in a heartfelt love letter to your mother—an unforgettable and special Mother’s Day gift that will forever cherish the essence of maternal love.

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