Five Drinking Game Apps You Can Play With Friends

Drinking with friends is a very fun experience, where you get to enjoy the company of your most loved individuals and also revel in the jokes and pranks that only good friends play on each other, courtesy of some casino sites. However, there are times when even drinking with friends might become boring, given the fact that you guys meet and drink almost every week and there’s nothing new to talk about any more free spins. Drinking games are an easy and intelligent respite from such boring scenarios if and when they take place. Although drinking games are great, it must be noted that if you and your friends are going to pregame with one of these games, you should call an Uber or a taxi instead of driving to your next destination.

Here are the five best drinking game apps you can play with your friends, curated by experts who love a casino bonus.


Picolo is a simple drinking game that is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The greatest quality of this game is the easy rules that it has, which are simple to understand, execute and remember. The game requires the players to write down their names in the app at the beginning of the game and then follow the instructions that are being relayed on the screen. Numerous hilarious challenges are being a part of this game and you even have the scope of adding challenges on your own to make the game more interesting for party lovers. Picolo is a brilliant game for people who do not want to overcomplicate things and enjoy a pastime that is simple and fun.


iPuke is one of the best drinking game apps that there are out in the market. It has simple rules and does not have any limit to the number of players who can play this game. iPuke’s rules include choosing the total number of players who are going to play the game and then selecting one card from a bunch of card decks that are available in the app. The game involves you either completing the bizarre request that has been mentioned in the card or drinking the number of shots that have been specified. This game is sure to help even introverts break the ice, or drunk for sure.

The King’s Cup

The King’s Cup is among drinking game apps that deal with cards and instructions being written on them. All you need to do is select a card from the circle of cards that are available on the screen and do whatever is written on the face of the card. However, it also has options for customizing the cards and tweaking them to your fancies. You can custom input your own rules, and challenges and even change the colour of the cards on the screen. This app is a complete package when one is talking about a simple yet fun drinking game app.

Drunk Potato

Drunk Potato is a game that has been developed for both iOS and Android platforms by the company Prodigal Creative LLC. It is a game that takes a twist on the classic idea of Hot Potato and provides you with a game that is not just fun but also fast-paced. A list of questions has been inserted in this app, which gets delivered to you at random and you need to answer each as quickly as possible. It is a brilliant and simple game that will make your drinking parties with friends all the more fun.


Drinkie is the perfect game for party lovers and provides you with an experience that takes in all the vital elements of the most famous drinking games and amalgamates them into one. It is a game that is perfect for any occasion and has many custom questions that make the game more fun to play. Moreover, Drinkie has four different game modes the names of Tipsy (perfect for house parties and the like), Ridiculous (perfect for silly and crazy parties), Sexy (perfect for getting the night spiced up) and Macho (perfect mode to be playing with your bros), thereby providing you with the huge selection of options that you can choose from.


Kings is another drinking game that involves cards and rules. However, this game is a bit old-fashioned from the other games in the sense that it has decks of cards which have meanings associated with them, instead of a card that has instructions written on it. Therefore, you get the feeling of traditional card games by playing this entertaining game. What’s better is the fact that you can change the meaning of the decks and custom input them according to your tastes.

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