Four Best Travel Books For Students & Travellers

Who doesn’t love travelling? It is one of the experiences that fuel you with motivation, wanderlust, with admiration for the world, nature, plants, animals, and humanity. There are incredible places on this planet that wait for you to discover them. Students are fond of travelling and they love to visit here and there. They love saying yes to many adventures, to incredible journeys that turn out to be life-changing experiences.

How could you make the experience of travelling, which is already amazing, even more awesome? By reading the right book and listening to the right songs. Everyone has their own taste in music, but how do you choose a book that is suited for a trip? We at play online slots have a list of some of the best literature for travelling students. They are suited both for long and short trips and will keep you engaged.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

When in school or college, teachers will recommend to you a list of books you have to read. They are mostly focused on getting to know the history of the country or reading novels that are iconic for literature.

But if you want to read something distinct, something that will make you enjoy your long-way trip more, then On the Road by Jack Kerouac is a great choice and Michael Carrick has probably read the book.

It tells the story of two friends who go on a trip to America, in search of excitement and meaning. You will discover two characters that will inspire you to start your own trip and soak in all the wanderlust travelling offers to you.

The Cloud Garden by Tom Hart Dyke 

Looking for a travelling story that is spicier? Then you should definitely choose this book by Tom Hart Dyke. It is an incredible story of two travellers who decide to go from Panama to Colombia through the Darien Gap alone. This is an interesting geographical region that is so wild, full of forests, mountains, and a large watershed.

Crossing it alone might be dangerous, especially because it’s the area where FARC Colombia, a guerilla movement in this country conducts its activity. So, The Cloud Garden is about the quest for success that could be halted just before turning real. Definitely, a book that will make your trip more enjoyable, but more suspenseful too.

The Caliph’s House: a year in Casablanca by Tahir Shah

Are you in for reading a more oriental story? Then you should choose this book written by Tahir Shah, which portrays an incredible journey in Africa. Any traveller who is interested in finding out more about these places should read this book. It presents the main character, Tahir, a man that decides to move his family from England to Casablanca.

But, of course, things are not easy at all and Tahir starts his travels across the kingdom. From Marrakech and Tangier to the Sahara, he encounters a lot of challenges. But the story has the power to inspire you and it’s one of the best ones written. If you have a long trip ahead, then this book is one of the most inspired choices you could make.

Unlikely Destinations: The Lonely Planet Story by Tony and Maureen Wheeler 

For sure you have heard about Lonely Planet and their travel guides. You can now find them online too, but since 1973 when they founded the company, they have sold over 150 million books. They have focused on travel guides and travelled around the world to discover the most amazing places.

You can see the best places to visit every year and lists of recommendations with what to see in every country and region of the world too.

While travelling you might want to immerse yourself in a nice story, a story that will inspire you to see the world. Well, you should read this book. Unlike Destinations is the story of The Lonely Planet, a couple that decided to make travel guides available to anyone. It’s a nice book filled with autobiography, business history, and travel. A book you will surely love and that will make your trip more pleasant.

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