How Outsourcing Travel Nurses Can Save Your Facility Time and Money

Hospitals and healthcare systems can quickly fill open staff nursing positions with the help of an RPO. RPOs take the burden of recruiting from HR teams so they can focus on other key areas of business operations.

Agencies like Triage Staffing also provide travel nurses with credentialing and compliance services. This saves hospitals and healthcare systems significant time and money.


The flexibility offered by travel nursing can be a big advantage for many nurses. They can choose which assignments they take, which areas to work in, and how long they want to stay there.

The variety of responsibilities and work environment can allow nurses to develop new skills and experience, which is invaluable in their careers. Each new assignment exposes nurses to a different healthcare system and system of management. They also can grow their professional network, which may benefit various vocations.

A further benefit of working as a travel nurse is having time off between shifts. Many nurses can benefit immensely from this flexibility by better managing their work and personal lives.

Since travel nurses often work on short-term contracts, they can take as much time off as they need to relax or spend time with their families. This can be especially helpful if they have young children or other family members they care about.

This flexibility also helps nurses avoid drama and office politics in traditional staff nurse environments. Rather than dealing with hospital politics and rumors while on the road, nurses may concentrate on providing patient care.

The hospital does not directly employ travel nurses when they work for an agency; thus, it can save money by not having to pay for unemployment insurance. Any hospital may benefit from these substantial savings.

Hospitals typically provide a housing stipend to travel nurses, considerably lowering the accommodation expense. Rent, food, electricity, and travel to and from assignments are all expenditures that the stipend can help with.


More and more hospitals are outsourcing their recruitment and payroll needs to travel nurse staffing agencies. This is smart, as these agencies are savvier with technology and can match footloose nurses to work in various healthcare settings nationwide.

Another benefit of outsourcing travel nurses is that this process saves your facility time and money. For example, when a hospital contract with an agency to fill a temporary nursing position, that staffing agency will have to compile the necessary paperwork, verify employment references, and run background checks on all applicants. These processes add up to a lot of time.

Furthermore, the time spent on these processes can be better spent on other important duties within the hospital. For instance, the HR team can spend more time developing and implementing strategic sourcing strategies that can help reduce their travel nurse spending in the long term.

This enables healthcare organizations to focus on the most important aspects of their business. In addition, it allows the facility to concentrate on enhancing its culture and creating a positive experience for its nurses, which can lead to increased retention.

Using an MSP to provide staffing services can also help to improve the quality of your travel nurse candidates. This is because MSPs have relationships with several hospitals and can submit many candidates to these facilities quickly.

This way, they can ensure the best candidates are submitted to these hospitals. This helps reduce the turnaround time from submitting to interview and offer and reduces the risk of burnout and fatigue among travel nurses.


Using travel nurses can save your facility money in various ways. It can help your budget by avoiding costs like insurance, travel and housing, and taxes. Hiring staff with the skills your facility needs can also help reduce employee turnover.

Often, travel nurse agencies will pay for housing. This can be a good option for nurses who want to avoid the hassle of finding housing themselves and may need more money to cover the rent.

Another way to save money on lodging is to look for a place with perks, such as free internet or complimentary breakfast. These amenities can make a big difference in living expenses, especially for nurses on assignment for several months.

Finding out what amenities, such as water and electricity, are included in the cost of a home is also a wonderful idea. This will enable you to calculate your price for these services and may significantly increase your savings.

In addition, you can save money on transportation by taking public transportation to and from your location or carpooling with other travelers. Moreover, you can deduct business-related transportation costs from your tax returns as an independent contractor.

One of the biggest reasons hospitals and health systems turn to travel nurses is that they need more resources to hire full-time staff. This is particularly true in rural areas, where nursing shortages are more common.


The shortage of nurses has healthcare providers worried about staffing and patient safety. With limited RN talent and rising patient demand, more staff is critical, but health systems must find solutions that save money, keep patients safe, and contribute to their culture and brand.

In a time of high nursing shortages, healthcare companies are turning to travel nurses to help fill team gaps. These nurses can offer various benefits to hospitals and medical facilities, including flexibility, a chance to see new areas, and a higher pay package than locals get.

Agencies with a reputable reputation and a good track record of employee management will ensure your travel nurses are trained, screened, and properly paid. They will also ensure your staff is compliant with state and federal regulations.

In addition, agencies offer an array of human resource services that your hospital may need more money to pay for. These include payroll processing, taxes, unemployment insurance, worker compensation, and liability insurance.

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