How to make a room look bigger with lighting tricks

Home sweet home. That’s what we call our living place. We all own a desire to have a big living place with more usable spaces. Nothing can beat that if we have a more spacious home, with large and comfortable rooms. But until we get the house of our dreams, we can make the existing rooms look bigger with some simple tricks of lighting and decoration. In this article, we will learn how to make a room look bigger with some creative lighting ideas. Because light is much more important than one could imagine and use that super cool thing can be achieved. Let’s explore!!

How to make a room look bigger with Lighting tricks:

How to make a room look bigger

The main light has to come from above

There are floor lamps and wall sconces that look great, but they cannot be the main light in the room. If you want a sense of spaciousness, the lamps for the ceiling get just the effect you are looking for when illuminating from above, as if it were the sun.

The more powerful the bulb is the better the atmosphere and remembers that it has to be white light. The warm light is more welcoming, but we lose the perception of larger spaces.

If at night you fancy subdued tones you can place auxiliary lamps with warm bulbs. In the next point, we will see how to make a room look bigger with some lighting tricks to get a multiplier effect.

How to make a room look bigger

Do not let there be areas of shadows

A ceiling lamp is great, but it’s not enough. When you decorate with furniture, such as shelves, sofas or tables, which are not just below the light source, there will be areas of shadow that created by those elements. It is inevitable and in large rooms, they are good because they add contrasts, but in small rooms, they achieve the opposite effect that we seek.

To solve it, you have to illuminate all those areas. In addition to eliminating shadows, beautiful luminous points are created that break the monotony of an excessively white room.

White walls and furniture in soft colors

The white color reflects the light and it is essential for the house to look bigger than it is. Paint the walls white or cream and not all furniture, and especially if they are dark.

We have already seen how to make a room look bigger with lighting tricks in the previous trick, but if it still seems too bland, you can place some brightly colored painting or furniture. The subtle touches of color help to dress the rooms.

Put a big mirror

You get a 2 × 1 with a mirror. On the one hand when reflecting the room you give depth and on the other hand, you make the light bounce on it and illuminate everything better.

A mirror for the dining room is another great trick to make the room bigger. Something as simple and economical as a mirror can reconvert any area of ​​the house, including the corridor that often remains a little forgotten. This is another great tip for them who want to know how to make a room look bigger with lighting tricks.

How to make a room look bigger

Take advantage of natural light

In America, we tend to close the curtains so that they do not see us from the outside, but we lose the best light that can be achieved, the natural light.

People usually go their own way. They do not stop to look at a stranger in their house. Open the curtains and enjoy the sunlight, it is the most powerful, the cheapest and the best color.

When it begins to dusk you can close them and light your lamps. Look at the change, they look like two different rooms and this is achieved only with different lights, see if you have possibilities decorating with artificial lighting.

Those were the ideas on how to make a room look bigger with lighting tricks. Hope you will find a way to do yours!!

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