Fat Burning Workout for Men

In bodybuilding, the training process is divided into two periods. The first is aimed at gaining muscle mass, and the second – to work out the relief. Particular emphasis is placed on fat-burning training, since they are crucial at the stage of preparing an athlete for the upcoming performances in competitions. There is no consensus about the most effective ways to get rid of excess fat without sacrificing lean muscle mass, but there are workouts that allow you to pump relief on the dryer and not lose muscle volume.

Most athletes involved in bodybuilding at the amateur level associate the drying period exclusively with cardio loads. This training eliminates subcutaneous fat, but does not preserve muscle mass, must be combined with a load of force. Experienced bodybuilders on fat burning workouts resort to two strength techniques. One is aimed at stimulating the production of lactic acid, and the other is to work with a large weight.

Fat Burning Workout

Training on the production of lactic acid

Lactic acid and hormone growth, which has a powerful lipolytic (fat burning) and prevents catabolism (muscle breakdown) effect, are interrelated. The more produced first, the higher the synthesis of the hormone. This explains the feasibility of training on the synthesis of this acid in the body during the drying period.

The greatest amount of lactic acid is produced in the body when the performed approach in the framework of training lasts about one minute, which requires an increase in the number of repeats performed per set to 20 and for this bosspeptides supplements need to keep up your stamina. Another important nuance is the pause between the individual approaches. It requires a reduction and should last no more than 30 seconds. In addition, such workouts require alternation of exercises for muscle groups that are not located side by side, but, conversely, far apart. This allows lactic acid to be produced throughout the body, and not just in an isolated, defined area.

A small break between individual sets, a large number of repetitions to different muscle (distant from each other) groups make it possible to increase the production of lactic acid. This, in turn, leads to increased production of growth hormone, and, therefore, increases the rate of fat loss during exercise and helps maintain muscle.

Training with large weights to save muscles

Many professional athletes prefer to train in this way. This approach involves reducing caloric intake and working with a lot of weight in the gym. Just two weeks before his performance at the Olympia competition, Ronnie Coleman raised 300 kg in training sessions. Johnny Jackson, preparing for a performance at a bodybuilding competition in Toronto, took part in powerlifting competitions.

There are many titled athletes who prefer heavy year-round training. They do not reduce the load before the performance, or in the offseason. The only changes they make to the training process relate to changing the diet, include supplements like Boss Peptides and introducing a small amount of cardio into the exercise program, and continue to weigh heavily so as not to lose muscle.

Cardio loa

They are an integral part of fat burning training. Aerobic exercise is necessary to increase calorie consumption, activate lipolysis (fat loss). The disadvantage of cardio is that with an increase in the duration and intensity of aerobic exercise, muscles begin to burn. The optimal duration of runs is half an hour. The intensity of cardio should be low. To enhance the fat burning effect, aerobic exercise should be included in training on the production of lactic acid.

Fat burning workout program for the week

To get the maximum benefit from drying, you need to make a valid weekly plan:

  1. Monday – heavy strength training (chest and back);
  2. Tuesday – training for lactic acid and cardio for half an hour with low intensity;
  3. Wednesday – day off for recovery;
  4. Thursday – heavy strength training on the legs;
  5. Friday – recovery;
  6. Saturday – lactic acid training + aerobic training for 30 minutes with low intensity;
  7. Sunday – rest.

The use of sports supplements

Accelerate the result of fat burning training allow some additives that stimulate the process of splitting subcutaneous fat and maintain muscle volume. This kind of sports nutrition includes fat burners, as well as BCAA amino acid complexes. The former help speed up the breakdown of fats, while the latter help prevent catabolism. When purchasing any supplement, you must carefully read the composition of the product. It should not be sugar. You should not add to the composition of the additive any additional components to improve the taste.

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