7 key exercises of breathing process to learn how to breathe properly

Breathing process is something we do spontaneously throughout the day, but do we think about the importance of maintaining breathing and most importantly, how to breathe properly?

When we breathe correctly, we are nourishing the organism with oxygen, necessary to improve lung capacity and ultimately to live. Doing it properly is of paramount importance for our well-being and for this reason, we will learn the best techniques to learn how to take a good breath.

Learn how to breathe properly:

how to breathe properly

Phases of breathing process

In the first place, we are going to point out the four main phases through which the breath passes.

Knowing them and becoming aware of what each of them is the main basis to learn how to breathe properly with each of the exercises:

  • Inspiration: In this phase, we take the air from the outside through the nostrils. This air will reach the lungs where it expands until they reach their maximum capacity.
  • Retention: The inhaled air is then maintained for a few seconds so that all the cells participate in the oxygenation process.
  • Expiration: During the expiration phase, the air is released accompanied by carbon dioxide as well as the waste that comes from the cells.
  • Rest: Through rest, the muscles and organs that intervene in the respiratory process are in the relaxation phase for a few seconds before starting again the entire respiratory process. It’s the perfect process to breathe correctly.

how to breathe properly

Abdominal inspiration breathing process

The abdominal or diaphragmatic inspiration receives this name because when inhaling the air, the diaphragm descends facilitating that a greater amount of air enters the lungs. In this way, the diaphragm goes down to the abdomen causing it to swell. This is a better way to learn how to breathe properly.

This type of breathing in addition to being very relaxing allows a greater oxygenation at the same time that it contributes to improve the circulation, decongest the liver and even improves the intestinal transit.

To do abdominal breathing, follow the following steps:

  • Choose a comfortable place and lie down with your hands on the abdomen.
  • At the beginning, you must eliminate the residual air that remains in the lungs by making several exhalations.
  • Then you have to breathe deeply so that the air reaches the abdomen. We can see how the hands are raised by the swelling.
  • To breathe correctly you have to keep the air inside for just a few seconds.
  • Then we exhale while we concentrate on deflating the abdomen while raising the diaphragm.
  • We keep the lungs empty a few seconds and resume breathing again repeating the same process.

how to breathe properly

Deep breathing process

The breathing long and deep is achieved after controlling the abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. This breathing process is characterized by providing a state of tranquility and relaxation that can be very useful in periods of stress and nervousness.

  • In a vertical position, we inhale deeply until we notice how the belly begins to swell and the lungs expand to the maximum. We must open the shoulders and fill the entire rib cage with air.
  • We keep the air inside for a few seconds.
  • Next, we will slowly exhale the air, concentrating on maintaining a regular rhythm and making sure that all the muscles that intervene in the breath are in motion expanding and contracting. To do this, we will first contract the shoulders, then the chest and finally the abdomen.

It is important to maintain an adequate level of concentration to perform deep breathing when you want to learn how to breathe properly.

how to breathe properly

Energetic breathing process

The breathing energy is aimed at improving the state of the person when a time of low power or torpor arises, as it helps to activate the body to face the most difficult days.

To perform breathe correctly we will follow the following steps:

  • We will stand upright but relaxed and take a deep breath while raising our arms perpendicular to the trunk with palms facing down.
  • Next, we will tighten the fists and we will approach them towards the chest maintaining the same horizontal position with respect to the body.
  • Keeping the fists closed, we extend the extremities as if pushing a heavy object while we keep the air.
  • We return to the initial position slowly lowering the arms. We relax and release the air with force.

how to breathe properly

Complete breathing process

Complete breathing is another way to learn how to breathe properly. It’s a way of breathing that is widely used in yoga and allows us to become aware of each of the muscles involved in the breathing process while improving our concentration. It also serves to tone the heart and improve circulation and oxygenation.

  • Begin the complete breathing in a lying position and place one hand on the thorax and another hand on the belly while we exhale the air from the lungs to clean them.
  • Inhale slowly as we notice how the belly grows and when it raises, the ribs expand.
  • We must continue inhaling air very slowly until we notice that the lungs are completely full and expanded.
  • Little by little, we begin to expel the inhaled air, concentrating on the upper part of the shoulders and the thorax and finally ending in the part of the abdomen until the air comes out completely.
  • We keep at rest a few seconds until we start the same process again to breathe correctly.

how to breathe properly

Sigh breathing process

A sigh can become a technique of breathing very interesting when you want to learn how to breathe properly. The body induces a state of relaxation and wellbeing. In fact, the sigh is used as a mechanism by the brain to prevent the alveoli from collapsing and is necessary to maintain good breathing.

To get benefit from all the advantages of this breathing process, we can follow the following steps:

  • It emits an intentional sigh inhaled the air and letting it escape slowly as if we sighed. It is important that the process can be done naturally, without forcing it too much.
  • Repeat at least 10 times this small exercise to go experiencing a state of relaxation.

how to breathe properly

Clavicular breathing process

The clavicular breathing process is also known as high breathing and appears often in specific moments of anxiety and nervousness. It receives this name because when it is done, it works the highest part of the lungs, which causes that when inhaling the clavicles appear to rise and it is very useful as a complement to deep breathing since it helps us to take advantage of the lung capacity.

To breathe correctly it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • We will sit with our arms crossed.
  • We exhale strongly while we contract the abdomen without changing the position and keeping the arms in a crossed position.
  • Then perform a deep inhalation while raising the clavicles, ensuring that the air is distributed through the upper part of the lungs.
  • The amount of air that is inhaled is very small, so the exhalation will be very brief.

how to breathe properly

Costal breathing process

The costal breathing or thoracic breathing is one in which the middle part of the lungs is worked and in it the intercostals muscles are worked, which are responsible for causing the ribs to expand and therefore the air penetrates towards the middle zone. This is another great way to learn how to breathe properly. This type of breathing is used mainly when you want to strengthen the abdominal area.

  • To perform the costal breathing we must sit with the back straight and then place both hands on each of the ribs.
  • While the residual exhales air from the lungs we have to get all the area abdominal.
  • As we breathe in, we will notice how the ribs expand on both sides allowing the air to penetrate and fill the lungs.
  • When exhaling slowly the ribs will return to their original position.

The costal breathing, as in the case of clavicular breathing, serves as a complement to complete breathing, in order to increase and improve lung capacity.

When we have learned to control these exercises and perform them routinely, gradually begins to experience a significant change in breathing. Little by little, the person who practices these exercises begins to breathe much better spontaneously, which will have a very positive effect on good physical and mental health.

Did you know…

An adult breathes between 10 and 20 times per minute, which results in the inhalation of nothing more and nothing less than 11 liters of air in a single day. Here we can figure out the importance of breathing well. Hence, to lead a healthy life we have to breathe correctly. And we must know the correct breathing process to determine how to breathe properly.

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