Prepare Your Boat To Set Sail

If you own a boat, then it may be time to start getting it ship shape for the season. Some simple maintenance tips can help you prepare your vessel for the open waves, so you can embark on your next big adventure. Start with these three simple steps.

1. New Parts

As your boat ages, some components may start to wear. Others might need regularly changing to stay fully functional. Your raw water strainer, for example, keeps debris from going into the water intake. A Groco strainer replacement part can be swapped for an aging part to get everything back up to speed.

Replacing old parts is one way to completely transform an old boat. If you’ve just acquired a beat up vessel, you can restore by working with it piece-by-piece.

2. An Oil Tune-Up

Boat engines run in similar fashion to cars, so they may need the same tune-ups. The best time to perform this task is at the end of the previous boat season, so you don’t have dirty oil sitting in your boat all winter. However, if you let this maintenance duty slide, make sure you change the oil at the beginning of the next season, before you head out on the water.

3. A Good Washing

Once the inside is in good working order, it’s time to turn your attention to the outside. This is your chance to show off the beauty of your boat with a nice, thorough cleansing. Clear away any dirt that accumulated over the season, and the surface will be crisp and sparkling. If paint has started to fade, this is also a good time to do any touchups.

Prepping your boat can be a rewarding experience, and you may find yourself enjoying the task. The outcome is well worth your hard work as you take the sea with a boat that’s ready for anything.

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