Personal marketing in social networks: What to do and what not to do?

To gain your business interest you must learn how to maintain a good image on the Internet and captivate your audience through social networks! If you are your own brand, you need to stop everything you are doing right now and start investing in personal marketing in social networks.

For some time now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other channels like these have become important communication tools for different businesses.

However, all these networks were created with the purpose of uniting people and that is why today brands are commonly seen as “intrusive”.

This means that when you need to sell a brand that has your own name, you are already a few steps ahead of the competition since you can approach followers and potential customers much more naturally.

Do you want to know how to maintain good personal marketing in social networks?

Then, come with us and discover what to do and what not to do in these channels!

What to do for personal marketing in social networks?

marketing in social networks

It is useless to publish anything and believe that the work is ready. More than that, it is necessary to have planning and attention to details. Look below!

Plan the contents

Planning and organization are fundamental for establishing a good online presence and working with a content calendar can help you in that regard.

Select topics that are within the territory of your brand and identify how you can address them.

Remember that this should be done taking into account the interests of your audience, as well as the formats offered by the chosen social channel.

Keep the relevant personal brand

Another strategy to stay relevant is to monitor guidelines that are up and adapt them to the universe of your business. Google Trends and Twitter Trending Topics are tools that can be useful for this to develop your marketing trends.

For example: How can you start a conversation about the Oscar? Or about Carnival?

In addition to showing that you are up to date with what is happening in the world, working with more interesting guidelines is a way to boost your content through SEO.

Give attention to the design of publications

It is useless to talk about the most relevant topics of the moment if this content does not have a good presentation. The attention of users is increasingly dispersed in the online environment and often the images are responsible for conquering a client.

The use of bold colors, short, direct and interesting texts are the main requirements for success in this area. It is also necessary to understand how the images are used by the users themselves in each network.

Do you want to work with fun memes and montages? Your place is on Twitter! Do you have beautiful and well-produced images? Do not stop posting them on Instagram!

Carry out good care

Never forget: cordiality and sympathy make all the difference. Use resources like emojis and gifs so that the communication is closer to what the user is used to in that channel. But do not use them in a way that seems forced or lose authority.

Invests in alliances with related businesses

What brands, businesses or products would elevate the customer experience with your proposal if they are consumed together? Think like this: who would be the Coca Cola of your McDonald’s?

Alliances are a great strategy not only to increase your relevance in the market but also to provide more visibility and reach since you can reach new consumers more easily.

What not to do for personal marketing in social networks?

marketing in social networks

You have planned, invested and taken good care of the attention and design of the publications. And now you have to know what you cannot do for personal marketing in social networks.

Stop responding to users

One of the main things to avoid in social networks is the frustration of your customers. It is useless to create an @ on Twitter if you are not there to answer the doubts of the people.

If your follower took the trouble to leave a comment on an Instagram post, take the time to answer it.

At least you can like it in the comment and respond with a simple emoji.

However, remember that the more elaborate responses that stimulate the continuation of the conversation are more likely to be successful since they increase the post’s engagement.

Publish aggressive content

As we have explained previously, you have to know in depth your main contexts of action. In this way, it is easier to filter what may or may not be addressed in your networks.

Always avoid publications that may sound aggressive or offensive to any part of your audience – here, we reinforce the importance of knowing you well.

In times of extreme political polarization, it is also worth evaluating carefully if it is the case to position yourself in this sense or not.

Mix personal life with the business environment

Having a brand that literally has your face offers several advantages to your business, such as greater ease in defining the brand person, for example.

However, to be successful in doing personal marketing in social networks, it is necessary to know how to draw the line between where personal life begins and business ends.

Your profile should indicate very clearly that it is an account addressed to businesses.

You need to respect the recommendations of each network regarding this – create a page and not a profile on Facebook, for example – to ensure professionalization, but also better monitoring of the results.

Do not dose quantity and quality

Do you remember that we talked about creating a content plan and identifying the most relevant topics to your work universe?

This organization will allow you to see the relationship you have established between quantity and quality.

Instagram recommends daily publications, as YouTube directs that content producers have a fixed schedule of publications.

However, killing time is of no use: if your publication is not relevant, the commitment will be harmed equally or worse than it would be if you had not published anything at that time.

Ready to start for personal marketing in social networks?

We could stay on this list for a long time because personal marketing in social networks is a very interesting topic and the necessary care is taken to guarantee a good image with the followers.

However, by following these main tips, you are already able to develop a good job.

We hope this post was useful to you. If you have more information about this topic, feel free to mention us in the comment section.

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