Simple Ways to Make Your Life More ‘Green’

While it may feel that the tiny steps an individual person takes make little difference to the planet, there are many ways that you can minimize your impact on the world around you. By being intentional with your home and your habits, you can make changes to reduce your net influence beyond just tossing your cleaned-out milk jug in the recycling bin.

Minimizing Energy Consumption

If you are building your home from scratch, orienting your house in a direction that uses the natural sunlight to your advantage can help minimize your heating or cooling bills. Installing solar power New Jersey and using energy-efficient windows and curtains can also assist in having a more environmentally-friendly home.

Composting Your Food Garbage

Throwing food scraps in the general rubbish often means that they are unable to break down properly in a landfill. By using your own compost pile, you can build your own fertile soil for your backyard garden and keep the gases from decomposition healthy. Additionally, this is a way to break down cardboard and paper waste as part of the composting process.

Focus on Reduction and Reusing

Among the best things that you can do for the earth is to take active steps to use less and buy less. This may mean being more intentional about buying products in bulk to use less packaging, or it may mean upcycling leftover material for new purposes. Making lists and intentionally waiting longer to make purchases can also help curtail your excess use.

Taking active steps to acknowledge your relationship with the environment may feel frightening, but by making some simple changes, you might drastically reduce your consumption of excess goods (and even the impact on your wallet). With a little intention, you can make significant changes in your own corner of the sky.

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