Know everything about the sunken patio drainage

If you have a patio that is prone to standing water or flooding during heavy rains, you may be wondering what you can do to improve the drainage. One solution that you may want to consider is installing a sunken patio.

What is a Sunken Patio?

A sunken patio is a patio that is built lower than the surrounding ground level. This allows water to drain away from the patio rather than pooling on top of it.

Benefits of a Sunken Patio

There are several benefits to installing a sunken patio for drainage purposes:

  • Improved drainage: As mentioned, the main benefit of a sunken patio is improved drainage. By building the patio lower than the surrounding ground level, water can flow away from the patio rather than pooling on it. This can help prevent standing water and flooding, which can damage the patio and make it unsafe to use.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Sunken patios can also add visual interest to your outdoor space. They can create a sense of separation and privacy, and they can also be used to incorporate elements like water features or outdoor fireplaces.
  • Increased usable space: A sunken patio can also increase the usable space in your outdoor area. By building the patio lower than the surrounding ground, you can create additional space for seating, plants, or other outdoor features.

How to Install a sunken patio drainage

Installing sunken patio drainage requires some careful planning and preparation. Here are the steps you can follow to install a sunken patio:

  1. Determine the location and size of your patio. Consider the layout of your outdoor space, the amount of sunlight the area receives, and any other factors that may affect the usability of the patio.
  2. Mark the outline of the patio with stakes and string.
  3. Excavate the area to the desired depth. The depth of the excavation will depend on the height of the surrounding ground and the desired height of the finished patio.
  4. Install a compacted base of gravel or crushed stone. This will provide a stable foundation for the patio and help with drainage.
  5. Install a perimeter drain around the edges of the patio. This will help to channel water away from the patio and prevent standing water.
  6. Install the patio material of your choice. This can be pavers, flagstones, or other types of hardscaping.
  7. Backfill around the edges of the patio with soil or mulch to help blend it in with the surrounding landscape.
  8. Connect the perimeter drain to a drainage pipe or other outlet to ensure that water is properly carried away from the patio.
  9. Test the drainage system to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Installing a sunken patio drainage system requires some basic construction skills and knowledge. If you are unsure of your ability to complete the installation yourself, it may be best to consult with a professional contractor.

Designing Your Sunken Patio: Tips and Ideas

When designing your sunken patio, there are a few things you should consider:

The location of the patio

As mentioned in the main article, it’s important to choose a location for your patio that receives the right amount of sunlight and is suitable for the type of outdoor activities you plan to use it for.

The size of the patio

The size of your patio will depend on the size of your outdoor space and how you plan to use the patio. Make sure to leave enough room for seating, plants, and any other features you want to include.

The shape of the patio

Sunken patios can be any shape, from square and rectangular to circular or freeform. Choose a shape that fits the layout of your outdoor space and complements the surrounding landscape.

The materials used

Many different materials can be used for sunken patios, including pavers, flagstones, brick, and more. Consider the style of your home and the look you want to achieve when choosing your patio materials.


Installing sunken patio drainage is a great way to improve drainage and add visual interest to your outdoor space. By following these steps, you can create a durable and attractive patio that will last for years to come.

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