Things to Know About Phenolic Caster Wheels

What is a phenolic caster wheel? Unlike plastic, phenolic wheels are made from cured, shredded denim mixed with phenolic resin. They are durable yet absorbent, resembling the properties of cotton towels. However, despite being durable, phenolic wheels can be soft and attract moisture, so they should be used cautiously. To ensure that your wheels last for years, you should know these things before buying.

CC Apex caster wheels are made of macerated denim mixed with phenolic resin.

These phenolic caster wheels are typically used on glass and material handling equipment. They are made of macerated denim and phenolic resin and are manufactured under high pressure to create a durable, nonmarking wheel. Although these wheels have high weight capacity, they may show some signs of wear if repeated use is done on rough concrete floors.

The CC Apex phenolic caster wheel combines macerated denim and phenolic resin and looks like plastic. However, unlike plastic, it has the strength of cast iron while also offering the absorbing capacity of a cotton towel. Phenolic wheels are resistant to grease, oil, and most liquids as long as their hard outer shell is intact. However, they may be prone to breakage and can be brittle and susceptible to moisture.

However, phenolic wheels have some disadvantages. First, they are unhygienic as the cotton inside becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria will then transfer onto unprotected floors. However, these wheels are still relatively inexpensive and have many advantages. They are also affordable, durable, and capable of carrying heavy loads. If you’re looking for a phenolic caster wheel, check the product’s specifications.

Phenolic casters are resistant to oil, grease, solvents, non-metallic, & non-sparking

Polypropylene phenolic caster wheels are non-marking, heavy-duty, and quiet and are also highly durable and non-sparking. They are typically used in foodservice and industrial applications. While there are some disadvantages to phenolic caster wheels, they are far more durable and quiet than steel or urethane wheels.

The polyurethane phenolic caster wheel is made from a polymer resin and canvas and provides excellent capacity and impact resistance. This non-metallic, non-sparking caster wheel is highly resistant to oil, grease, solvents, and sparks and is also extremely quiet compared to steel wheels.

Phenolic casters are easy to roll.

These caster wheels are lightweight, durable, and easy to roll. Their macerated fabric construction provides superior floor protection. In addition, these casters are quieter to operate than steel wheels and do not mark the floor. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as large assembly plants and continuous operations. Here are some of the benefits of phenolic caster wheels. These durable wheels also provide great value and ease of use.

These phenolic caster wheels are made from macerated canvas mixed with phenolic resin and molded under high pressure. This material is comparable to polished maple flooring and is highly recommended in dry, smooth environments. These caster wheels can be used on various surfaces, from rough textures to smooth concrete, and they are also resistant to most chemicals, oils, and liquids. They can be used in temperatures up to 300 degrees F and are recommended for applications where the surface should not be permanently set.

Phenolic casters can be replaced.

Aside from replacing the caster’s bearings, you should also consider replacing the phenolic caster’s wheels. They’re known to be sturdy and durable, but they can also break. Thankfully, these wheels are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace if you find them worn out. This article will give you some tips on replacing phenolic caster wheels. 

While phenolic caster wheels are economical, they’re not the most durable. They tend to last for a short period and leave black streaks on your floor. If you need to replace them frequently, you may want to consider glass-filled nylon or CC Nylex caster wheels, both spark and noise-proof. Thankfully, Service Caster also provides excellent customer service.

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