Three Steps for Reducing Divorce Attorney Costs

The process of a divorce is emotional and stressful enough without throwing financial pressures into the mix. Some people may advise you to skip using an attorney, but this could leave you with lifelong regrets, especially if children are involved. Instead of facing the risks of a divorce without representation, consider some practical ways to save money by reducing billable during this process.

One: Stick to Divorce-Related Conversations

Too many people lengthen their appointments with lawyers by wandering into off-topic subjects. These include hashing out emotional topics with a lawyer instead of with a therapist. Any conversation or appointment with any member of the family attorney tampa firm should remain focused on your top priorities.

If you need help with this, write down the points you need to make or questions you want to have answered. Talk to a friend, a therapist or family member to discuss the emotional and mental results of the ending relationship.

Two: Organize Your Information

There are certain documents you’ll need before your first appointment with a family attorney. A few examples of these documents include tax returns, proof of income, retirement plans, property statements, bills, and your mortgage. Make sure you have all documents and information on hand during your visit, so you don’t have to look things up during the appointment or schedule new appointments because you weren’t prepared.

Three: Keep Negotiations and Mediation Sessions Short

It’s easy to let the issues that divided you and your partner originally drag out your divorce negotiations. Again, identify your top priorities and pick your battles based on those issues. Do your best to set aside hurt feelings and replaceable possessions. The money you save by keeping legal appointments short may be more than enough to purchase new items.

There are certainly some issues that deserve your time and the attorney’s time. The custody of your children is definitely an issue that requires careful thought and negotiations. However, your preparation and ability to stay on topic can help you keep legal expenses within your budget.

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