What is a Glock Trigger Kit?

Glock triggers can range from free by just wearing them to over $250 for a complete all-parts upgrade. So whether you’re a competition shooter, a home security guard, or a recreational shooter, a good Glock trigger will change your shooting experience.

Many Glock trigger upgrades lower the length of the pull or lighten the weight from a stock trigger. Thankfully, some of these upgrades are inexpensive.


Glock trigger kit replaces the factory trigger assembly in your Glock. It’s a great way to improve your weapon’s performance and feel without breaking the bank or making it difficult to fix it.

Regardless of your specific trigger preferences, you’ll get better accuracy and consistency when you upgrade your Glock trigger. In addition, you can choose from various styles, from drop-in trigger assemblies to kits that require gunsmithing.


A Glock trigger kit is a complete system with a new trigger assembly, trigger housing, and matching connector. The parts are typically sold together, making it easy to replace the trigger without affecting the firearm’s function.

In Glock pistols, a trigger pull is determined by a combination of friction and springs. Modifying these parts can increase or decrease your trigger pull weight, though this can adversely affect your gun’s reliability.

The essential component of a trigger upgrade is the connector. A trigger connector is a small bar that regulates the weight and staging of your trigger pull. By changing the design of the connector, you can change your trigger pull weight while reducing grit and overtravel.


A Glock trigger kit is an upgrade that will improve your Glock’s trigger performance. It can include improved spring resistance, coatings, and plating within a reasonable budget.

The installation process is relatively simple, with a few tools you may already have at home. The slide-stop lever and the two metal pins should be taken out first.

Next, put the small plastic pin back in using a finger and the Glock tool. Then you can move to the larger pin.

It will require patience and precision with the tool. It’s important to remember the order of the metal pins – FIFO (first in, first out).

Once you have all the parts, you can assemble and adjust your new trigger if needed. It includes the over-travel set screw, which can be adjusted for self-defense or duty use.


Glock handguns are popular among law enforcement personnel and the general public because of their dependability and durability. They’re simple to disassemble and maintain, and they are resistant to corrosion.

Nevertheless, as with any firearm, it’s essential to take care of your Glock pistol so that it lasts for as long as possible. For that reason, you should always consider buying a warranty when purchasing a Glock pistol.

However, even if you’re purchasing a gun with a warranty, it’s still a good idea to understand your gun manufacturer’s warranty policy before making any modifications. Many manufacturers will void their warranties if you do something to alter the internals of your firearm, such as modifying the trigger or installing non-factory ammunition.

To complicate things, your purchase and use of a Glock trigger kit may affect your Glock pistol’s warranty. Before swapping out parts, check with your Glock manufacturer to see if the change will affect your pistol’s warranty.

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