How to improve blood circulation in the legs

Do you notice swollen legs and have difficulty moving? Have varicose veins and red spots started to appear on the legs due to slow circulation? If you are worried and want to know how to improve blood circulation in the legs, do not miss this post.

The poor blood circulation is the difficulty of veins for the venous return to the heart efficiently. Bad circulation can affect the legs due to the veins of the lower extremities that are incapacitated to perform the return.

It is a very common problem in most of the population, not only in the elderly. Proof of that is it affects more than 65% of patients who are treated in Primary Care.

Why poor blood circulation occurs

Poor blood circulation in the legs can be occurring due to several factors. Although some can be genetic and therefore they cannot be avoided, but many others can be avoided and corrected by leading a healthy life based on correct nutrition and constant exercise.

Causes of poor circulation in the legs

Smokers have a higher risk of suffering from circulation problems. This is because one of the main components of tobacco, nicotine, acts as a vasoconstrictor.

That is, it contracts the blood vessels and decreases the thickness of the arteries. In addition, it increases the heart rate and blood pressure. A very dangerous cocktail for the circulatory system


The overweight generates varices and long – term can also lead to atherosclerosis problems. It is a variant of arteriosclerosis in which fatty substances are deposited inside the arteries.

In addition, when overweight is caused by sedentary lifestyle blood circulation problems can worsen. The lack of exercise weakens the muscles of the blood vessels.

When sitting many hours a day the blood stagnates in the lower extremities, resulting in leg pain, cramps and ultimately, slowing down of circulation.


The cholesterol is one of the main causes of poor blood circulation in the legs. This is because it sticks to the arterial walls and forms plaques, which like nicotine narrow the thickness of the arteries and allow less amount of blood to enter and ends up hindering circulation.


The final stretch of pregnancy is characterized by problems in the legs caused by poor circulation. As the pregnancy progresses and with it, the growth of the baby also increases the weight. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the future mother to carry.

The parts of the body that suffer most are the back and especially the legs.

blood circulation in the legs

Symptoms of poor circulation in the legs

The poor blood circulation has some symptoms very clear that appear quickly. Paying attention to them as quickly as possible is essential to prevent them from becoming a heavy burden.

Swelling and pain

The swelling is the main symptom of poor circulation in the legs. It is also known as intermittent claudication. Pain is not only annoying, but it also increases stress. The blood is altered, so the appearance of the skin also changes, becoming drier and bluish. This blood is also the cause of the swelling of the legs.


The lack of blood flow in the muscles due to bad circulation favors the increase of tension and pain over them. This is how cramps occur, another of the most frequent symptoms.

Varicose veins

We usually thought varicose veins and poor circulation are not synonymous. Varicose veins are the sign of Chronic Venous Insufficiency, but they do not have to be related to poor circulation. Even so, there are many possibilities that your varicose veins are caused by poor circulation and you must be very attentive.

How to improve blood circulation in the legs

If you need to improve your circulation to avoid these problems, point out these tricks that will help you have healthy legs:

Home remedies to improve blood circulation


The cold is ideal to improve the circulation of the legs since it lowers the swelling. It’s helping to increase the amount of blood flow in the arteries. Keep this in mind when you need an immediate remedy to reduce the most annoying symptoms of poor circulation after a hard day.

Cold to improve poor circulation of the legs

You can apply cold on your legs through cold water showers. To do this, direct the artichoke to each of your legs at a distance of 15-20 minutes, and perform circular movements with water with a moderate to high pressure.

They are recommended twice a day to relax the legs. The bags of cold water will also help you to maintain blood circulation in perfect condition.


The nuts are an endless source of vitamin B3. Among its main benefits is to help improve blood circulation. They also have Omega3, which protects the blood vessels.

Nuts to improve poor circulation of the legs

The possibilities of nuts are unlimited! Add them in salads, stews, sauces or take them directly as a snack or snack. Always remember, yes, it is better to take them in small quantities, due to the calories they contain.

Artichoke extract

The artichoke extract decreases the pressure in the arteries, preventing atherosclerosis. Therefore, it is an excellent home remedy against poor circulation.

Artichoke extract to improve poor circulation of the legs

If you want to know how to improve blood circulation in the legs, you can consume artichoke extract directly, through drops or supplements. You can find them without problem in parapharmacies and herbalists.

blood circulation in the legs

How to prevent poor circulation of the legs


The garlic is a natural remedy for problems related to blood circulation. Its high content of substances such as alliin prevents thrombi and the formation of clots, thereby helping to improve blood flow.

How to use garlic to prevent poor circulation

Garlic can be consumed in several ways. The most direct is to incorporate raw garlic into the daily diet. You can also drink half a gram of garlic tincture daily.


The daily consumption of fruit avoids the most annoying symptoms of poor blood circulation and improvement. Especially the orange with its high content of vitamin C strengthens the capillary walls and prevents the accumulation of cholesterol.

In addition, it contains high levels of bioflavonoids, which improve blood flow and strengthen capillaries. To make matters worse, the orange reduces hypertension and cleanses the body of toxins, preventing fluid retention all an ally against poor blood circulation in the legs!

How to consume orange to avoid poor circulation in the legs

The orange can be taken both directly and in the form of juice to make the most of its properties.


The ponytail has a powerful effect diuretic. Therefore, it helps to eliminate retained liquids. The retention of liquids harms the good circulation of blood, so it is essential to keep it at bay.

How to use horsetail to avoid poor circulation

Prepare an infusion by adding 100 grams of dry horsetail per liter of water. Cover it for 30 minutes and take it twice a day.

Attention to footwear

It is essential to use heels as little as possible, replacing them whenever possible by low shoes and sturdy soles. In other types of footwear, it is advisable to wear insoles that absorb the impact of the footprint and avoid overloading the legs.

Symptoms of poor blood circulation in the legs

Knowing how to improve blood circulation in the legs is the best way to control it. Take off your shoes and socks when you get home is also a good way to lower the pressure your legs constantly receive and avoid their constriction.

Products to improve poor circulation in the legs

If the poor blood circulation in your legs does not require medical treatment you can resort to pharmacy products to try to alleviate it. The most effective medications to improve poor circulation are creams. When applied directly by massages, they activate the circulation while its ingredients penetrate the skin. Its use is more related to reducing the discomfort of poor circulation in a timely manner.

If you also need to prevent it you can combine the use of creams with capsules of natural extracts, which taken daily reduce the symptoms and causes of circulatory problems.

Now as you know how to improve blood circulation in the legs, it will make your life much better.

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