Mastering the Art of Blast Rooms

A blast room encloses the blast process to prevent fine harmful materials from contaminating outside air and to collect and recycle the blast abrasive. This system also separates dust from high-quality abrasive to save your business money and ensures optimal media reclamation.

At its core, abrasive blasting leverages tiny glass beads propelled by compressed air to machined components’ surfaces. The blasting removes surface materials like mill scale, a prior coating, or rust to create a smooth matte finish ready for painting.


Preparation is the act of making arrangements for something. Preparing a blast room includes determining the equipment’s size, type, and capacity needed to complete the project and then designing a layout that maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Airblast works with clients to ensure that every walk-in blast booth we produce is the right fit. Our goal is to provide each customer with a space optimized for the product they plan to blast in the booth and to design a system that minimizes energy consumption.

Advanced technologies such as 3D scanning, drones, borehole cameras, and deviation probes have also increased blast hole precision, which allows engineers to adjust their designs and boost overall mine production quickly.


Blast Rooms offer more control than traditional blasting methods, enabling engineers to optimize blast designs for better fragmentation and enhanced performance. These improvements also contribute to increased mine optimization and reduced operational expenditures.

Advanced computer modeling and simulation software have significantly improved blast design and prediction capabilities. This, combined with data analytics and remote monitoring systems, is providing valuable insight that enhances decision-making for greater productivity in blast design and execution.

Airblast offers a wide range of pre-engineered blast room packages. The RAM package, for example, includes 2 RAM blast generators and hoses, nozzles, and controls. The RAM system automatically recovers abrasive media during blasting, eliminating the need for manual sweeping and significantly reducing clean-up time. The system is also ideal for starch and plastic blasting and has brilliant lighting that exceeds military specifications.


Blast rooms typically feature one main entry/exit door and may include pass-through doors on either end large enough to accommodate a vehicle or forklift. Ventilation in blast rooms is achieved through a dust collector that filters the air, keeping particulate matter from escaping into the environment.

An abrasive pot provides the actual abrasive blasting capability of a blast room. This pressurized vessel combines compressed air with the abrasive media and pumps this high-pressure mixture through blast hoses and onto the workpiece. The abrasive media used in blast rooms can vary from steel shot (to clean metal surfaces and provide peening effects) to pulverized glass beads or other soft, non-ferrous materials.


Our blast rooms can be designed on a project-by-project basis with options to include multiple blasters operating within one room; product access through one or both ends of the enclosure; abrasive recovery systems including sweeping pit, cross conveyor, and whole floor automatic; and dust extraction incorporating down or cross draft. We aim to see that every walk-in blast room that leaves our plant meets the customer’s needs.


Blasting equipment and hoses are pressurized and can cause severe injury or death if tampered with. Never alter or jerry-rig any blast equipment; run a daily maintenance inspection to ensure it is safe to use. Keep hoses away from traffic areas, sharp objects, and moving components. Never allow a hose to be struck with hammers or other tools, as this can damage the pressure vessel and create dangerous leaks.

Among the top innovations in this field are computer modeling and simulation. This technology is enabling engineers to predict blast outcomes and improve blast designs.

Airblast offers predesigned PDQ blast rooms that are less expensive than custom-engineered ones and arrive quickly. These can be equipped with our RAM System, which provides state-of-the-art performance to starch and plastic blasting and cost-effectively recycles media. They also feature generous ventilation and lighting that exceeds military specifications to increase Operator productivity.

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