Three Ways to Boost Your Dry Cleaning Business

The dry cleaning business can be a challenging venture. According to recent statistics, there are about 30,000 companies in the U.S. offering dry cleaning services in various parts of the country. This goes to show that competition is stiff in this niche. The industry still generates a revenue of about $20 million annually, meaning that dry cleaning facilities can still turn in a good profit. So, how can you improve your dry cleaning business to boost sales?

Modernize Your Business Process

Implement modern digital solutions to streamline your business processes and make your operations more efficient. You could integrate a dry cleaning pos system at check out, an E-commerce website for online outreach and remote clients, and a digitized tracking system to log items and processes. Your clients might enjoy interacting with your business through modern means like social media, apps, and websites. Modernization also improves workflow and accountability.

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Give Additional Value to Your Service

As washing machines become cheaper and more efficient, many families and individuals may opt to do their laundry themselves. To remain relevant as a commercial service, you need to offer more to your customers than just cleaning their clothes, since some of them can already do that at home. Provide attractive incentives such as ironing, sewing, color correction, and minor restorations. Give your customers an extra reason to choose your service.

Implement a Customer Loyalty Program

Most dry cleaning businesses rely heavily on return customers since they server a localized market. Retaining a customer is just as important as acquiring a new customer. Formulate a customer loyalty program to help your business retain its loyal clients. You can implement a simple reward system that recognizes royal customers through generous discounts, coupons, or exclusive services. Also, find a way to build a close community around your existing customers, maybe through engagements on social media and email.

The service industry is not only about meeting the customers’ expectations, but also delivering above and beyond. Streamline and add value to your service and make sure that every customer leaves your store completely satisfied and with a reason to return.

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