How to write a perfect CV for a dream job using these 5 tips

A decent CV or curriculum vitae is your main weapon in the labor market. It helps you to introduce yourself and determines your first impression on the job field. We all know more or less how to write a CV, but unfortunately, most of us do not know how to write a perfect CV that put us ahead of many.  It never hurts to repeat a series of tips and tricks to fix a resume adding a bit of personality.

Follow these five steps and your CV will reach the top of the pile that has the human resources manager of that company for which you want to work.

5 tips to learn how to write a perfect CV for a dream job

How to write a perfect CV

1. Adapt it

It is very unlikely that you will apply for a job as a marketing assistant and as a waiter at the same time. But even if you apply for jobs in the same sector, it’s still important to make sure that your CV fits the job description.

Even if you do not have to change it completely, but try to make a variation in your CV format every time you apply. Keep in mind, you should not send the same CV every time. A trick is to have a prototype curriculum prepared with everything you have done, learned and achieved in your career and then simply edit a few points for each job you want to apply for.


Make your CV relevant to the job you apply for. Changing the order of the skills or achievements so that the most important ones stand out immediately, so the person reading your CV does not have to look for them.

How to write a perfect CV

2. Be a part of the solution

Do not ask what your possible future company can do for you: instead, ask what you can do for them. After all, they are not interested in hearing what you want but how you can help them. In my opinion, this is the best way to present you in the job market. And knowing how to write a perfect CV is the best way to present you.

One way to do this is to add a short phrase to the beginning of the CV as a mini intro. Instead of telling the company what they already know (that you want the job and that you are qualified for it), tell them who you are, what your passions are (something related to the job you are applying for), and how you can contribute to the success of the company. Make sure it is short, direct and somewhat emotional.


For this first sentence change the color of the font (something subtly different as gray instead of black) or italicize it. Do not overdo the format and keep the CV with a clean and professional look.

3. Show your skills

Include your experience first and then mention all your related training. Although certificates are important but sometimes you are not represented only by a certificate. You are supported by your experiences, skills and achievements. These are your biggest assets and will help you stand out. Even if you just graduated, you have done a part-time job, an internship or volunteering, surely it will help you to become a responsible person who knows how to organize potential plans.


Make sure your Experience and Training sections have clear headings. Once again, if you know how to write a perfect CV can make a lot differences between you and others here. A clean and well-organized CV with headings and easy-to-read points will increase your chances of being invited to an interview.

How to write a perfect CV

4. Power your skills

One important thing that can help you to get the real experience after or during your studies or traveling abroad is language skill.  You can earn that skill either by study a language or to volunteer abroad. With these trips, you can also develop your planning and organization skills, increase your communication skills and learn how to overcome obstacles. As simple as that, you become a resolute, independent, flexible and creative person who impresses with your intercultural skills.


If you are passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures, include this at the beginning of the CV as you already knew how to write a perfect CV. Do not forget to include any experience abroad in your Experience section and in the Training section. This is particularly important if you are applying for a position in an international company or a job abroad.

5. Make a list and double-check it

  • Use your short list to make sure that your CV is adapted to the job offer, oriented to give solutions and favor your skills, puts you on top of that pile of accumulated CVs:
  • Choose a classic letter from those that are available in all computer programs. Arial or Helvetica are a safe bet.
  • Choose a font size that is readable. Tiny words hurt the eyes and do not lead to interviews.
  • Leave some blank space. Increase readability and make your CV look more professional.
  • Use sections. You are not writing a novel, but a summary of your achievements.
  • Check spelling and grammar No mistakes are allowed here. Have someone take a look before sending it. (Silly mistakes do not make a good impression).
  • Save and send your curriculum vitae in PDF format. Everyone can read a PDF and it will not modify the design as in a Word document.

How to write a perfect CV

Ending with a positive hope

This post is all about how to write a perfect CV for those job seekers who are smart. I hope if you follow the tips I have mention throughout the post, it will help you to get your dream job. Now is the time of globalization and business has extended all over the world. There are huge opportunities everywhere and you will get tremendous jobs to offer from every corner of the globe. Writing a best CV is the only way to present you and your potentiality in the job battle. That is why CV is very important.

Good luck with that!!

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